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Armi Galesi 6.35 (.25 cal) Vest Pocket Gun
My Dad passed away at the beginning of December and I inherited his .25 Armi Galesi. It was actually my Grandpap's but I'm not sure how he came to own it. I think he brought it back from the Korean War. It is stamped 1957. I actually have a thread on Poofa from a long time ago but I wanted to get some fresh info on this little gun. Mainly, what model is it? I have seen multiple documents calling it a Model 6 and/or Model 9 and several other models like 603, etc. So I am not really sure what it is! I need to figure it out so I can order a set of grip panels to replace the home made plexiglass panels. I might like to get a spare mag or two as well.

So if any one knows anything about these mouse guns, I could use some learning!

[Image: 2h80ho2.jpg]
[Image: ROCKET_SIG_AR15_LOGO_zps2cb17223.png]


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