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Army says there are not enough black officers...
Onward marches the quest of the current regime to destroy the military. Forget meritocracy and choosing natural born leaders... The Army says we need to have more people become officers... because they're black as the only reason. Who cares if this will be a case of politically correct madness getting people killed? Who cares if a significant percentage of black people in the military are there because they are from poor families and couldn't get a job or were criminals who chose enlistment over a prison sentence instead of a sense of civic duty? I've noticed before that most of our elite units are pretty much always white dudes. You have to ask the question though, if someone is compelled to be in the military because of the courts and doesn't want to be there how are they supposed to be motivated to actually have the will to hack one... of the elite training programs? How do these politically correct worms make their way to positions where they raise these kind of issues. I don't think it's because black people can't make the upper ranks or that there is anything racist going on, but that white people and black people sign up for the military for entirely different reasons often times and don't have the same level of motivation and it's not racist to simply point out the truth. It's not as if black people can't work their way up legitimately through the ranks like Alan West has. I also wonder what it will do to unit cohesiveness in the heat of battle if the army chooses to act on this and a unit thinks their commander was affirmative action'd to the top rather than actually earning it, regardless of whether he really did or not? I think that would be far more damaging to the ability for units to function for this to be the case over a qualified guy who happens to be white leading a unit with some black guys in it. I see absolutely no benefit to winning wars by changing policy to get more blacks in officer roles. Perhaps if they encouraged more black people to join the military based on civic pride that would be a fair way to get more black officers, but that seems like a tall order and wouldn't get the results the people pushing this would be after fast enough. I think this has a lot more to do with career military brass not wanting to get canned after being passed over for the first wave of generals and staff shit canned for not getting on the liberal progressive bandwagon.
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No longer is the military an option between prison and joining. In fact, because of the poor economy and the benefits the military offers, the military is becoming too difficult for former thugs to enlist. It's part of why societal decadence is what it is in that in the past a young man was given that option, for which, he could eventually turn his life around and become a contributing member of society. Today, however, they can't get accepted , and so they remain a thug. In some instances, gangs are taking their new recruits, before they get an arrest record, and enlisting the more intellectual ones that can pass the entrance exams. They learn military tactics, for which, they teach to the rest upon returning to the gang life.

On another note, civilian government has always tried and skew these numbers. For instance, back in the day, in order to get promoted you had to: qualify with your weapon, pass an APFTest, and score high on your SQTest. The SQTest was a measure of your job knowledge. Minorities were doing poorly, so the SQTest was done away with, and more emphasis was placed on the APFTest. The result, more minority Senior NCO's.

Them came "Don't ask don't tell".... Point being, civilian government, very dangerously, has often tried using the military for social experimentation. Mainly because liberals don't like it and want to use the Defense budget to buy more votes, via entitlement spending.

More proof that rather than give people an opportunity, as was done in the past at the betterment of those in need, liberals want to continue to dismantle the system and give people a handout. Keep the poor, poor, and give them government jobs, so you can control their lives and in turn they continue to vote for you to keep your liberal self in power.
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I am so stinking sick of people saying that special interest groups deserve to be in the same place as "white males".

If you're a woman, earn the place. If you're gay, earn the place. If you're black, earn the place. If you're an illegal immigrant, go home, get a visa, come back, and earn the place. If you're white...guess what...earn the place.

Under no circumstances should ANY person of ANY group, origin, race, or color--be allowed to be promoted for ANY reason other than ability and character and track record.

I do not want to get old and be dependant upon the current rising generation for my care. It's probably a good thing death panels are coming in. I'll probably prefer it by then.
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