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Assault Weapons Crime Defense
I keep hearing these statistics about how "assault weapons" are rarely used while committing crimes, according to the DOJ only 2%. Folks on our side like to point out that often cheaper handguns are the ones taken off of criminals and that renewing the AWB wouldn't do anything to stem the tide of crime.
While these statistics are correct I feel that we, as a community, are going about this wrong. The idea seems to be that arguing how handguns are more of a threat we will avoid a ban because they'll never ban handguns, right? Wanna bet?
Do the actions of Whinestein and the other anti's make you think they'll be happy to allow us our pistols because they don't want to trample the 2nd amendment? And if they do manage to pass an AWB do you not think they'll keep going?
It makes me cringe every time I hear a defender of the 2nd say something like "Well these criminals are using cheap 9mm/.22lr/.38spc to commit crimes so banning my AR won't do anything". Their heart is in the right place but I think we're talking ourselves into a corner.
We should focus more on crimes that are perpetrated without any firearm involved. The sheer amount of assaults by hammer are shocking, but anybody trying to ban or license hammer sales would be seen as a complete moron by people on both sides of the 2nd.
Recent studies have shown that the country with the highest violent crime rate in the world is the UK! Higher than South Africa, higher than Columbia, higher than Mexico! THIS is the argument we should be making. This is what we should use as our example of failed weapons bans. Especially considering that the UK is an island where people can't easily dig a tunnel under a fence to smuggle.
These people are more than willing to change, erase, trample our Constitution. We need to think one step ahead of them at all times or we will be caught with our pants down.

End rant.
My guns have killed less people than Obama's ATF has.
I've held this view all along.

Stop pointing out how many crimes have been committed with handguns when trying to defend semi-automatic rifle ownership.

Simply defend rifle ownership on its own value. We also need to refuse to refer to them as "assault weapons", even if we use quotation marks. They are not fully automatic weapons. They are not the same weapons used by assault troops. Angry
I don't suffer from insanity.
I enjoy every minute of it.
i agree with both of you. the rkba should stand on it's own. any legislation limiting it, no matter who it would benefit, because any limitation represents a compromise of principle.

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