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Atlantic Tactical
I had been to Atlantic Tactical years ago and the store was small and the staff did not seem to friendly toward me, I assumed at the time because they specialized catering to LEO and i wasnt one.

Anywho I met someone there earlier this year for a transfer. Well, the store here in Harrisburg had been built bigger and has a lot of stock, The transfer was $35, not too bad but the store is very convenient for me so that's a plus. The staff was pleasant and the transfer was very quick and smooth.

So because they are a Glock leo dealer, they honor the GSSF discount. I went in today to see if they could get a blue label G17. I wanted not just any 17 but a just released all USA made and proofed one. The staff looked into it but new nothing about it. (i just found out about them today) He typed out an email, read it to me and sent it to Glock. Good customer service and I felt like they really did try. Hopefully I hear back saying they can get it.

There was another customer who was trying out all kinds of pistols and the salesman looked like he was doing a good job of explaining and showing all the different features. I heard none of the bias I usually hear

Overall, worth stopping in and checking them out.
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I passed a large billboard for them on my way home from Harrisburg the other day. Sounds like you had a decent experience there. Will have to stop in some time. Thanks for the post.

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Hope you don't mind me asking about your Glock but is the whole pistol really made here? Up until now I thought only the polymer part was manufactured here but the barrel and slide was still imported from Austria. Huh
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If you come up I83, Atlantic Tactical is right off the Limekiln rd exit (40A).

As for the Glock,

Glock: Made in the USA. Brand new Glock Generation 4 Model 17 Made in the USA. The USA proof mark which looks like an outline of the State of Georgia is stamped on the frame, slide and barrel.
"The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution."
Thomas Jefferson

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