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Attack on the bill of rights
Is it me or in the last several weeks the scandals around the current administration revealed in no uncertain terms the attack on the Bill of rights.

The IRS and EPA scandals are clearly meant to have a chilling effect on the first amendment rights of Tea Party and Jewish support groups. No matter what my feelings are the best part of who we are is the allowance for a discourse on issues.
The midnight tactics (look at coumo in NY) to attack gun rights. (Using emergency provisions to avoid discussion with gun rights advocates seems to be clearly targeted at the second amendment.

Now with the NSA we are cheapening the fourth amendment to track scum bag terrorists. It seems like the NSA is only hoping to stop stupid terrorist. The smart ones would use burner cell phones and encryption. We all know the current administration can be trusted not to abuse all the data they collect.

What are your thoughts? Am I too tin foil hat?

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Well, here's the thing... if you mention this to people who are uninvolved with current events, they label you a conspiracy nut. If you mention it to people who know about it and are leftists, they don't see a problem with most of it, and will tell you if don't like what's going on you must be a right wing racist extremist. And if you tell it to right leaning folks, they will generally agree with you... conservatism and liberty are under attack.

If you ask a some one like me who pretty much blames both libs and cons in government and a lot of the population that put them in office, I'd say we certainly are under attack by a government united in their disdain for the people, desire for power and money, and what we are seeing is a fruition of decades of careful manipulation by the left and right.

In my opinion, the federal government is like the man eating flower in "Little Shop of Horrors". It cares nothing for the stress and strain it places on the owner, and simply demands to be fed... but the more it is fed, the hungrier it gets. The only solution is a thorough pruning and a diet.
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The attack itself comes as no shock to me. The frightening part continues to be the purported large number of people who apparently don't have a problem with it. The question remains, are the numbers made up or are people really ready to turn in their freedom for "freebies" and "security"? Sadly the answer to that question is becoming more and more apparent as these "scandals" come to light.
The law? The law is a human institution...
"Those who would surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Benjamin Franklin

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