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Aurora, CO movie theater shooters trial ...

Quote:CENTENNIAL - While listening to evidence Thursday meant to help decide whether to sentence a mass murderer to death for killing 12 people in an Aurora movie theater, an alternate juror sat attentively in the jury box with an image of a man being executed in an electric chair on his t-shirt.

Neither the judge nor the lawyers in the case appeared to notice the t-shirt worn by juror 983, which is covered in photo art for the band Metallica's 1984 album "Ride the Lightning."

The words "RIDE THE LIGHTNING" appear on the front of the shirt with bolts of lightning hitting an empty electric chair. A man is seen being electrocuted on the back with bits of skeleton showing through his skin.

Judge Carlos Samour has "strictly prohibited" from his courtroom the "display of insignias, symbols, pictures, clothing, or any other items that may influence the jury" in an order that appears on a laminated placard in front of every spectator seat in court.

The order applies to everyone in the courtroom, including jurors, according to a spokesperson for the court.

Since the matter was never brought up on the record Thursday, we don't know whether the judge would have found the attire in violation of his order.

On Thursday, the 12 deliberating jurors delivered a verdict on aggravating factors, the first of three possible phases in the death penalty sentencing hearing.

Juror 983, who has sported heavy-metal themed tees in court before, is not on the panel of 12, but could be called on to deliberate if a juror should be excused for any reason.


[Image: 635732821843474229-metallica-shirt-reverse.jpg]
This image from Metallica’s online store shows the same t-shirt worn by the alternate juror in court
Why in the world would we expect anything else from this 3 ring circus?
I don't suffer from insanity.
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[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]

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