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Avatars preceding thread titles
Please give us the option to turn this off.
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I agree, please turn it off. It only adds to the amount you need to scroll. The Username is already below the thread, I don't think the Avatar is needed.
I'm not sure I dislike it yet, but I'm VERY frustrated with the "thread not found" when you click on the last page of the thread in the unread posts list.

Oh yeah, and I don't like how when you post a new reply after your post, it adds it to the other post instead, like it did with this.
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Put me down as 'not a fan' as I don't see the utility. I do props to the originator of this implementation, as it looks like someone is trying new things to see if to improves the forum experience.

It is possible to stumble on to something useful, something that might only become apparent once it is actually seen and tried.
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This apparently happened while I was browsing because pg 3 of New posts didn't have it and pg 4 did and I was like "wow". Not sure I'm enjoying the "bulkiness" of the threads now in the new format.
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And while your at it get rid of no nudity rule, we are all adult here...just kidding.

But I do agree that the pics there are unnecessary but a good attempt at shaking things up.
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For the record I also don't like it. Unless they are WAY smaller.
(09-19-2012, 03:14 PM)bac0nfat Wrote: For the record I also don't like it. Unless they are WAY smaller.

Like I said, I'm not sure I dislike it, but I will say if the image was smaller and the username was immediately under the thread title instead of the image I would like it a lot more.
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Sorry, I was testing a template edit that I thought you guys might like. Shrug
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At first glance it is sensory overload. Might get used to it though.
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