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Back to the 50's
Actually, pics of any big bore things that go boom. Here is mine:

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the fabrication doesn't stop in the shop, that's what the field guys are for.
All are modern reproductions except where noted. From largest to smallest:

[Image: BB.jpg]
10 gauge blunderbuss

[Image: brown_bess_zps6348d2ac.gif]
British musket, 75 cal smoothbore.

[Image: 17661842_overall.jpg]
(Top) M1842 69 caliber rifled musket, early US civil war era (bottom) 69 cal 1766 musket, commonly used in US Revolution 1776-83.

[Image: bullet.jpg]
69 minie bullet that tumbled

[Image: 5-muzzlebullets.jpg]
58 caliber and 69 caliber minie style bullets, compared

[Image: Overall-1.jpg]
"PHILADELPHIA" marked US M1861 pattern musket repro indicating very early Bridesburg. 58 cal, rifled.

[Image: Stamps-lock.jpg]
PHILADELPHIA marked pre-Bridesburg M1861. Alfred Jenks niitially subcontracted manufacture, later he consolidated into one central location in Bridesburg, a neighborhood in Philadelphia. Later examples are marked BRIDESBURG.

[Image: DSC03230.jpg]
Traditions Pennsylvania rifle, 50 cal, rifled. Used as a lesson gun locally.

[Image: right_side.jpg]
Recent CVA kit gun I built with my kids. 50 cal, rifled.

[Image: Rack.jpg]
Family reunion.
Left to right: French/US 1766 musket, British (75 cal) musket, Traditions PA rifle, 10 Ga blunderbuss, antique fowler, US M1842 rifled musket, US M1861 rifled musket, US M1861 rifled musket (Providence Tool-original), Penna rifle, Lehman? original.
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