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Barrel Crown?
gascolator;40455 Wrote:What does a re-crown usually cost?

This usually depends on the gunsmith, action being used, etc. There's a few variables that come into play. It's one of the "cheaper" things you can do to your rifle. I'd say it's not uncommon to cost $70-115. It all just depends on who's doing it, his experience, machine, etc.

Shorty;40556 Wrote:I did take it to another Gunsmith and had it re Crowned and was still all over the paper. Anything less than a 26 inch barrel on a 300RUM is unacceptable.
Hmm, how qualified was the gunsmith, and what method did he use? Sometimes I hear of guys "recrowning" barrels, and they're not even doing it in a lathe. They want to leave the barrel attached to the action, try to use a little tool with a pilot, and do it basically by hand. Although if the post I use after this one is talking about that smith, and him putting a different brake on it, if he did the work then he had to throw it in a lathe.

Exactly why is anything less than 26" on a .300 RUM unacceptable? Do you seriously think you can't get the same velocity with a 24" barrel? A lot more variables than just barrel length come into play with getting velocity. Lots of times using a different powder with a shorter optimum burn length will yield the same velocity but without the extra length and weight.

Shorty;40628 Wrote:There is more to the story. I had a muzzle brake put on and from that point the rifle would not even come close to shooting good groups. I am talking about 10 inch groups at 50 yards. Tried new scope and diff ammo nothing fixed problem. Smith would not stand behind his work. Took it to diff GunSmith he re-crowned barrel with Diff Brake, glass bedded, jeweled trigger, and pillar bedded and would still not group. Then I said the hell with it and had new Barrel put on and now it will shoot MOA all the time.

And that is the rest of the story.

It sounds to me like the first "gunsmith" didn't know what the heck he was doing.The fact that he wouldn't stand behind his work says that. Before changing scopes and wasting all that ammo, I would have told him we were about to get involved in some litigation; then seen how he reacted to that. I'm wondering if the new gunsmith really tried to recrown the barrel, or just tried screwing another muzzlebrake on it with the screwed up crown the other gunsmith did. It's not rocket science, and him recrowning it shouldn't have been any different than what he would have had to do with the new barrel you received.

Honestly, there seems like a lot missing from this story. I don't know any gunsmiths that would do all that work on a rifle, have it not shoot, and then tell you that getting a new barrel would fix the problem. It sounds to me like he wanted to sell you a new barrel. A simple and proper recrowning should have fixed the problem. I also don't know many smiths that would put a brand new, nice aftermarket barrel on an action without blueprinting (truing) it, putting an aftermarket or cleaned up recoil lug, etc. The reason being that you'll end up with an aftermarket barrel that cost a lot of money, and only shoots MOA. Lots of factory barrels will shoot MOA out of the box. There's no reason that an aftermarket barrel on a rifle that's been pillar and glass bedded, trigger work, etc. shouldn't shoot better than MOA. I'm curious, did you end up putting a muzzle brake back on the rifle? Was it one of the other two that you had previously tried? I'm curious about more of the "rest of the story".
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I have an 11 degree crown cutter with .224 and 7.62 pilots. I re-crowned all my Fal's, ar's and 2 of my mosins. very easy to do, i have a manual one with a T handle and it only takes about 5-20 minutes to do. My cost with the 2 pilots was near $100, got it through Brownells. I then bought a radius cutter to round off the outside of the barrels so the mosins looked factory. Anyone local that wants to try it, let me know. It really increased accuracy on the barrels i've done.
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