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Barricaded man inside Dick's Sporting Goods in Bucks County

Quote:FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. - March 16, 2013 (WPVI) -- Authorities in Bucks County say an armed man has barricaded himself inside a Dick's Sporting Goods store in Fairless Hills.

The incident began around 7:30 p.m. Saturday along Commerce Boulevard.

Sources tell Action News that the man went into the sporting section and asked to see a shotgun and ammunition.

The store clerk complied and the suspect pulled out a handgun and told the clerk to undo the gun lock on the shotgun.

The male then took the shotgun and the ammunition and went to the bathroom in the back of the store.

Well, looks like they need to pull shotguns for sale now too.
Huh? What? Looks like this should be well over in 5 minutes. Or whatever length of tike it takes him to figure out how to pulk the trigger with his big toe. This guy thinks his pain, disappointments and/or tragedy is greater than what others have experienced instead of understanding that it would all pass and he'd once again be happy. I'd bitch slap him or punch him in the face if he was my friend.. got problems of the heart it'll pass got problems with the job, it'll pass, got problems with the law go hide in the woods until the statutue of limitation pass... got health problems live until you cant live with the pain and then some, then od on heroin or morphine at the very end and do so while laying in body bag to save others from cleaning up a mess and write an apology note for whomever finds you explaining that they would have found you outside the bag anyway and you saved them for smelling your shit.
The store is empty. Toss in a flash bang and be done with it already. Or is that too friggen simple for these guys?
Fuckin' Joe Biden...
aaaaand he's dead.
From FoxNews:

"Police say the man entered Dick's Sporting Goods in Fairless Hills on Saturday night and asked to see a shotgun and ammunition. Once the clerk handed those over, the man pulled out a handgun and ordered the worker to undo the shotgun's gun lock.

Police say the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

WTF - So he has a HANDGUN - uses it to jack a shotgun - and offs himself??

Seems like a lot of effort - but the story does not definitively say he shot himself w/ the shotgun!
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What a Dick!
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He was upset that he couldnt buy a modern sporting rifle at dicks any longer.. think of what would have happened had they had ak47 variants.
They knew he barricaded himself in the bathroom and it still took them 3 hours to find him?
The Second Amendment does not GIVE us the right. It tells the gov they can not infringe our right.
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