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beaver county sheriff gets a lesson
This guy defended himself and won just fine. Most people swear you need to pay a lawyer, you do not.

Quote: eaver County Judge Kim Tesla has ordered Sheriff George David to reinstate the license to carry a concealed firearm he revoked earlier this year from New Brighton resident Dennis McKee.

McKee saw his permit revoked back in February, after the New Brighton police notified Sheriff David about a complaint they had received against the man.

Lori Musser, who is a building manager for the Housing Authority at the Thomas Bishop Apartments, filed a report with police after a confrontation with McKee, who lived in the complex at the time. Musser told police that she was afraid of the man, who accused her of trying to steal a rug that he said belonged to him.

While no charges were filed against McKee as a result of the incident, Sheriff George David made the decision to revoke McKee’s concealed carry permit anyway.

Dennis McKee, acting as his own attorney, brought a lawsuit against Sheriff David citing a state law requiring the Sheriff to provide a written revocation notice that included “the specific reason for revocation.” The letter sent to McKee by Sheriff David simply stated that his license was revoked for “good cause.” McKee argued that it would be impossible for him to file an appeal of the revocation, as no specific allegations were made against him to refute factually.

Judge Tesla agreed with McKee, ruling that Sheriff David had violated the state statute, and ordering him to reissue the revocation — this time providing specific reasons behind the action as required by law. Sheriff David once again revoked McKee’s license, and Dennis McKee once again filed an appeal on his own behalf.

A lengthy hearing was held in August, where both Dennis McKee and Sheriff David, who was represented by Sheriff’s Office Solicitor Myron Sainovich, called multiple witnesses to testify about the man’s reputation in the community, and his likelihood to be a danger to the public.

In a blistering 33 page opinion issued today, Judge Tesla ruled that Sheriff David had made no effort to determine what Dennis McKee’s reputation in the community actually was before revoking his license, further concluding that there is no evidence the man is any danger to society......

I only went through to the 6th grade and that’s it,” said Dennis McKee after the Beaver Countian informed him of Judge Tesla’s ruling. “Myron Sainovich is a who’s who, a mister big shot attorney, and I handed him his ass by representing myself. Do you know what’s good about that? It means that we the people still have rights here in America, and we the people can defend those rights by challenging our own government in court.”...
Doesn't it make you feel special that you live in Pennsylvania? It's verry different here.
I doubt you would get the same results in a Phila. courtroom.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Philadelphia Patriot;126731 Wrote:I doubt you would get the same results in a Phila. courtroom.

There is a bit of a different mindset over here (West Side Homies are the craziest!!!)
steelcityk9cop;126734 Wrote:
Philadelphia Patriot;126731 Wrote:I doubt you would get the same results in a Phila. courtroom.

There is a bit of a different mindset over here (West Side Homies are the craziest!!!)

I've seen a lot of stupid decisions made by judges down at the criminal justice center. The fact that I have never lost a case down there for work is bragging rights. Big Grin
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