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Ben Carson: Obama Letting Islamists 'Destroy Us'
It's the job of citizens and the media to be critical of politicians and their job performance. I want my candidates to be professional. I want them to identify problems and propose their own solutions while explaining why they want to implement those solutions. Bitching and carrying a pitchfork and torch is not going to get my vote. That is the job of citizens and the media. Smart candidates will take people's emotions on these topics and try to make everyone happy while doing the right thing. Unfortunately this rarely occurs.
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My comment went zinging right past you Justin. Ninja

Politics aside, you gotta give him credit, a dumb guy doesn't have the kind of career he's made for himself.
Yes it did. I'm not saying he's stupid in all areas. He's clearly stupid on this, if he said it. It doesn't negate the fact that he's clearly a smart man in other aspects of his life.

There are physicists that still believe in god.

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JustinHEMI;161217 Wrote:There are physicists that still believe in god.

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Vampire pig man since September 2012

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