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Beretta CX4 9mm
Just picked one up and love it. It was actually mis-marked that it took 92 series actually is set up for PX4 mags. (I realized that before the purchase.......I have LOTS of both mags)

It's a very cool design with being truly ambidextrous, you can change charging handle from left to right, can have it eject to left or right.

Shoots like a dream! Very little muzzle rise and far more accurate than I am with 115gr Blazer ammo.

Wondering why these didn't seem to be more popular? Possibly the price point. Very cool to have a rifle and pistol using the same mags. May shoot them both at a steel match soon.
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I grabbed one a year or two ago as an impulse buy. Mine takes the 9mm Storm mags as well. Whenever the subject of pistol caliber carbines comes up on any forum there are a handful of people who love them and legions of people who dismiss them. I'm in the first group. It's a blast to shoot, I'm very accurate with it and it's a great HD tool with the Storm 20rd mags.

[Image: cx4storm_42.jpg]
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I agree these are a blast to shoot and feel smaller than they look when shouldered!

Here's mine
[Image: IMAG0296-1.jpg]
[Image: SAFLogo.jpg]
They're way too much money, that's why they don't sell well IMO.

Really cool carbine though.
I have been looking for one in my local shop for some time. Rarely see them.
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It's on my short list. I think they're sexy looking guns, I want one that uses 9mm 92fs mags.

They are pricey though.
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They were one of the main guns used in Neo Battlestar Galactica, along with the FN FsN and FN P90, because it looks so futuristic.

It's funny that you can get the Hi Point 995 to look almost exactly like a PX4 storm for about $250-300 bucks, but of course you're limited to crappy promag 15rd mags, so it's not comparable. That being said, the 995 is still a slick little dirt cheap carbine.
I had one but sold it. My favorite pistol caliber carbine, great rifle and a blast to shoot. I still regret selling it and the 92fs I had.
[Image: 564760_440016012710639_1231747448_n.jpg]
My Wife loves her CX4 Storm flat-top conversion:

[Image: 1de8d0f5.jpg]

It's super ergonomic, soft-shooting, and surprisingly accurate.

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