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Berks County Elections Board accuses Local 98 in 2011 races
Quote:Berks County Elections Board accuses Local 98 in 2011 races

The Berks County Board of Elections, in a report released yesterday, accuses Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of funneling campaign contributions through the 2011 Reading mayor's race to circumvent Philadelphia's campaign contribution limit.

The board said Local 98 had Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer drive to Philadelphia four days before the 2011 general election to pick up a campaign contribution of $30,000. Spencer's campaign then wrote two checks that day, each for $10,000, as contributions to the campaigns of Philadelphia City Councilman Bill Green IV and Bill Rubin, another candidate for Council in that election.

Local 98 was already at or near the city's $10,600 limit for contributions from political action committees for Green and Rubin in that election, the report said.

The board took testimony under oath from Spencer and his campaign manager, political consultant Mike Fleck, and concluded they could not offer a "credible explanation" for why Spencer's campaign contributed money to the campaigns of Rubin and Green.

"The simultaneous swap of funds between Local 98 and [Spencer's campaign] and the contributions to the candidates, just four days before the election, can only lead to the conclusion that it was part of an agreement with Local 98, [Spencer's campaign] and Fleck to funnel additional contributions from Local 98 to Rubin and Green in violation of the Philadelphia Code of Ethics," the report said, adding that the findings have been sent to the Philadelphia Board of Ethics and the Berks County District Attorney's Office.

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That's old old news. That was in the Inquirer after the election was over.

Yes IBEW Local98 is dirty. They also are the most powerful political lobby in Philly City Hall. They control a bunch of the city council people and have going back all the way to Mayor Tate.

Most of their membership does not live in Philadelphia. Less than a quarter of the brothers actually live in the city.
ArcticSplash;126419 Wrote:Most of their membership does not live in Philadelphia. Less than a quarter of the brothers actually live in the city.

Let me guess, South Jersey?
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BTW dude you left out the best bit:

Quote:John Dougherty, Local 98's business manager, denounced the report as a "partisan witch-hunt."

"This is two white Tea Party commissioners chasing an African-American mayor," Dougherty said. "There's nothing illegal with this."

The Berks County Commissioners serve as the Board of Elections. The commissioners, including one Democrat and two Republicans, unanimously approved the report.

"I can't dignify such a pathetic comment with a response," Berks County Commissioner Mark Scott said when told of Dougherty's claims. Scott is chairman of the Board of Elections.

Watch how Johnny Doc runs his mouth around Irish pride during St. Patty's Day...

Quote:Dougherty said a few words. Doc expressed his gratitude for being named Grand Marshal of this year’s parade. He said that he was “honored and humbled.” He also said that he was [b]proud to be Irish, Democrat, Catholic, Union, and white[/b].

I first heard about Doc’s comments on Wednesday afternoon, when I received a call from someone who attended the fundraiser and was clearly concerned about the comment. He said that when the words came from Doc’s mouth, he and his companion looked at each other, puzzled, and noted that others seemed to flinch at the choice of words.

And then later...

Quote:At 11:09 a.m., I received the following letter from attorney Richard Sprague:

It has been brought to my attention that you intend to publish some article that refers out-of-context to an extremely limited portion of comments John Dougherty made at a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser at the Springfield Country Club last weekend. Specifically, you intend to report on Mr. Dougherty’s factually accurate statement that he is proud to be Democrat, Union, Catholic, Irish and white.

This statement by Mr. Dougherty is not a story. There is nothing wrong or controversial about what he said. The representations about himself only address the facts about his own existence. Mr. Dougherty was only saying he was proud of who he is. He was not directly or indirectly channeling any racist overtones and it would be false and malicious of you to suggest, imply, or infer otherwise in any publication.

As I earlier said, Mr. Dougherty’s comments do not amount to a story. Should you nevertheless elect to publish something limited solely to the above selected portion of Mr. Dougherty’s statements, the publication better not attribute, directly or by implication, any racist overtones to Mr. Dougherty.

Very truly yours,


When he was trying to bash Mayor Nutter for not writing AFSCME a new contract, he went on this wild parade last year streaming from a bullhorn that Nutter was going to deprive children of working families pizza, fish sticks and ice cream.

The guy is a lunatic but he holds the purse strings to a big chunk of local DCC campaign funding and he plays every single local race with his chosen people he backs.

Philadelphia Patriot;126420 Wrote:Let me guess, South Jersey?

And Bensalem all the way up to Jamison. Quite a bit in Delco as well but South Jersey has most of them.

During the primaries visit some polling stations up in the Northeast. You'll see all these contractor trucks parked nearby blocking parking spaces with fatasses standing outside with their placards and shoving Primo hoagies in their mouths.

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