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bersa thunder magazine disconnect
have any of you guys done one?

I disabled the disconnect by removing the spring and bar inside the grip, and it worked fine at the range for 50 rounds but now the trigger transfer bar keeps dropping and dusabling the sear disengagement action.

any ideas?
nevermind. the trigger bar tension spring wasn't set in it's little groove when I put it back together, so it popped out and wasn't holding the trigger bar against the sear release mechanism.
I often thought it would be nice to do away with the disconnect but I am a little leary of changing the factory setup. Is it working fine now? More importantly, were did you find 50 rounds of .380 to shoot? LOL!
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the only issue is prematuere slide wear since the top of the trigger bar rides on the bottom of the slide. that area wears anyhow and imo would wear just as much if you always have a mag in when you rack the slide. it seems to be working fine now dry firing. the gun had become unreliable because the mag disconnect bar had worn slightly (1/32 to 1/64 of an inch) where it contacts the magazine from being carried in a flashbang holster. now, the problem is fixed on top of the significant other having one less thing to worry about in a sd scenario. at the very least, she'd get one shot off before seeing the problem and reseating the mag.

those 50 rounds cut pretty deeply into what little. 380 she'd saved up.

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