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Best 7 Minutes On GUN CONTROL In the United States
Quote:WARNING: This politically incorrect video may hurt the feelings of ass-hurt, anti-gun socialists. You have been warned. Dealing with real FACTS may hurt your bullshit agenda.
Indeed! I just wish the left could see the trees through the forest.
A Reading from the Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20:

Then did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, saying, "Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy." And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree-sloths and fruit-bats and orangutans and breakfast cereals ... Now did the Lord say, "First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."
Nice speech.
Unfortunately, I am only virtually pleased to hear it.
I wish ONE politician in DC would have the guts to get up there and say that.. just ONE... and that one person would be on the ballot for president of the US by my standards in a heartbeat....

Too bad there are too many POLITICALLY CORRECT people out there without the common sense of a 2 x 4 to do the RIGHT thing...
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............
nomad;88048 Wrote:

If you would have used a proper, descriptive title I could have seen it was already posted when I used the search feature.

ETA I closed your thread since the title I used is the title of the video and easier to find if searching.
Well pardon the fuck out of me. Talk about butt hurt.Big Grin
nomad;88182 Wrote:Well pardon the fuck out of me. Talk about butt hurt.Big Grin

No butt hurt here, just trying to avoid duplicate threads before they become duplicates by using better titles not cutesy ones.

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