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Best Deer Rifle for Western PA?
I love squirrel hunting but do not do any deer hunting (at least I have not since I was 17 YOA.)

But if you are looking for new and must be thrifty I would recommend Savage or even the Stevens Model 200.

I bought a Stevens Model 200 package in .223 with cheap scope (Made by Hasbro or Playschool or something) that I am able to break clays sitting on a mound 150 meters away.
Then when we were out of whole clays we started putting half pieces up and I was hitting them with this rifle.

Savage/Stevens are the work truck of rifles.

When you buy a truck for work you don't get the Italian leather seats with dual climate control and rims with hearts cut into them.
You get a truck that you know is going to hold up to the elements, take a beating, and you won't worry when the family dog jumps into it - because it just keeps on going.

Thant is Savage/Stevens in my mind.

Remember, synthetic stock will reduce the price over wood.

So, please check into Stevens Model 200 and Savage Model 10/110 and Model 11/111 for a great gun that will fit into your budget.

One last thought, most gun shops do provide layaway and allow up to 3 months to pay it off.

Lay it away and for two months pay $25-50 every week or two as a sign of good faith to the shop owner that you are serious and then when it is time to pick it up the remaining price is a lot easier to handle.

Just some thoughts.

God bless!!

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Pistol Packin Preacher;48606 Wrote:But if you are looking for new and must be thrifty I would recommend Savage or even the Stevens Model 200.

My friend bought a Savage polymer Rifle/Scope combo chambered in .243. We set clay pigeons up on a bullet mound 100 yards away and were breaking them very easily. Granted it was only 100 yards away (the maximum distance at the shooting range), I thoroughly enjoyed shooting that rifle and feel very confident taking out a deer with it.
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Philadelphia Patriot:

I know exactly how you felt.
Awesome feeling to know you have what it takes to hit something that small from that distance.
Don't say "just 100 yards".
That is a nice distance to be breaking something that small.
Just wait until you get to a location that allows further distances.

And what Lycanthrope says about new and old rifles is very true.
They are like cars and there are those that are treated well and those that are abused.
Keep your eyes open and you will find that nice used rifle (just like the perfect used car) that was used "once a week by a little old lady going to church!"
That is one of the fun things about not jumping at the first rifle you see - scouting out different gun shops to see what they have.

Get your buddy and tell him "Road trip time!" and head off to another shop.

God bless!!

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FWIW I suck at shooting running deer so my views will be a bit skewed, but here they are

all of the deer I have shot have been around 40 - 50 yards, one being around 10, so in reality anything will work fine for that.

I hate hunting the fields cause I don't shoot enough to be able to hit running deer. that being said, I usually carry a rifle capable of doing so. my .300 win Mag has a 4-16 scope on it, so if a deer stops a long ways off, I'll have a good chance.....the .243 is no slouch at longer ranges wither, If I am pushing for someone, usually the boy and nephew, I carry the .32 Win. it's Hella-light and valueless so not worrited about scratches....

YMMV, but that's my experience.....

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Quick question about buying a gun online: If I get one from out of state, and it gets transferred to an FFL, will I need to pay PA tax at the FFL? Or is it "tax free" since I bought it online out of state?

The dealer won't collect the tax, but you're required to pay the tax on your annual Pennsylvania tax return. *cough*

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Hard uestion to answer but it comes down to your favorite,mine is the Browning Medallion 7mm-08 has taken deer,hogs and bear,But this caliber works great in almost all rifle mfgs.
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