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Best subsonic ammo?
This is a subject that isn't talked about much that I have seen but is becoming more and more relevant every day as more companies offer subsonic loadings and more people are shooting supressors. I may take the plunge one day too and get a can.

My question is this, what is the best subsonic round? I know there are tons of opinions about normal velocity loadings but I think when you limit the velocities to below the sound barrier it may make a bigger difference.

Which round does best for self defense inside the home?

Which round does best when hunting at 100+ yards?

We could debate expanding ammo, FMJ ammo that may tumble, whatever.

What say you PA2A subsonic shooters?
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It's hard to beat 300 blackout. It's just a barrel swap for an AR, hits hard and has a good ballistic coefficient.
bac0nfat;165111 Wrote:It's hard to beat 300 blackout. It's just a barrel swap for an AR, hits hard and has a good ballistic coefficient.

300 blackout has always amazed me. I remember when it was called 300 whisper a few years ago before it really took off. They're the same thing right?

So 300blk takes the edge in "rifle calibers", what about common pistol loads?
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Some people like 45 because it's heavy, and all of it is subsonic. However it's not the quietest since 45 cans have huge baffle apertures. I like subsonic 9mm personally.
I'd be curious to find some ballistics gel tests done with various subsonic ammo. I've seen one for 300blk and it seems to overpenetrate soft tissue and doesn't really tumble or anything until it's well past the first block of gel.

I wonder how 9mm, .40, 10mm, 45ACP etc compare in gel when you're using hollow points. You'd think the heavier bullets may carry the most energy at the highest subsonic speeds rather than light bullets.

I've even seen subsonic 50bmg! Lol
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