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(BET) The beginning attacks on "NON-WHITES" who "come out" against the Anti's???
BET - AKA Black Entertainment TV

Quote:So desperate is the NRA for gun ownership to permeate all of American society that they have retained Internet star and gun advocate Colion Noir to be featured in a video to appeal to his fellow Black Americans to reject any consideration of gun control.

It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.
Ladies of the Second Amendment

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BET is doing more to maintain racism and divide America. They're just as bad as the KKK. Colion Noir is not a black or African American, HE IS AN AMERICAN! God forbid as an American citizen he stand up for his second amendment RIGHTS by also practicing the first amendment. BET is only trying to sensor him. They wouldn't know what civil rights were if they were given a copy of the Constitution. Dodgy

UPDATE: .....and the only reason blacks were kept enslaved in the United States was because they were not armed. Imagine if every slave had a firearm. They all ready outnumbered whites in the south. I guess BET is too stupid to realize this.
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What else can they do? The whole shootin' match is falling apart and they can't keep "their people" on task. Hate is all they have left.
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I enjoy every minute of it.
Lack of education and this is what happens sad Anim_doh
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BET has done more to harm blacks with their promotion of thug and "baby daddy" culture than the KKK ever has, even during its heyday.
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