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Bill Cosby
RugerGirl;156923 Wrote:
streaker69;156922 Wrote:He was very funny when he was younger, by the time the Cosby show came out, I think his schtick was played out. Never understood how that show ran as long as it did. I think it's very easy to believe that he could be one thing on stage and something completely different offstage, after all, that's what acting is all about. Consider the story of Roman Polanski who is still celebrated by the industry and a child rapist.

Too much of the entertainment industry is devoid of morals and too many children/young people have had their lives ruined by seeking that life style.

Really true...especially considering those who started as children and then once they hit adulthood went like crazy wild and lewd and addicted to drugs, etc.

In many cases, the kids were hooked on drugs and alcohol by the adults that were supposed to be looking out for them. Drew Barrymore is a perfect example of that, she said she was getting drunk, and probably molested, when she was 10 or 11.
Those skeptical of the new people coming forward need to understand that this is pretty common with high-profile, powerful abusers.

It sometimes takes many years for someone to gain the courage to come forward, and that courage is often bolstered by the courage of others.

Often, they believe that they were the only ones, or that they wouldn't be believed (as was the case with some of Cosby's alleged victims).

Or, they may be at a place in their lives or careers where they have less to lose by coming forward, where the perpetrator can't hurt them any more.

Having worked for decades now with victims of abuse by high-profile Catholic priests and religious, this delayed reporting by a couple of initial victims followed by a torrent of confirming reports is almost the norm.

It is also the norm that when the first couple of reporters come forward, there is skepticism, often persisting over years. Then when the others surface, the abuser's supporters look like idiots.
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streaker69;156914 Wrote:I don't know if the allegations are true or not. But what history has shown us about people in entertainment business is that sexual assaults, abuse, coercion and accusations of such are prevalent. Would it surprise me if Bill Cosby did this? No, it wouldn't. Would it surprise me if this were a lie? No, it wouldn't.

I do find it is suspicious when anyone settles a case out of court for an undisclosed sum and a gag order.

This is pretty much my opinion on every single story of this nature.
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