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Bill to prohibit civillian ownership of .mil armor
csmith;151459 Wrote:
(08-11-2014, 06:32 AM)pinhead1979 Wrote: Lost mine in a boating accident.
You weren't planning to waterski with protection were you?

No, it went over the side with every Russian rifle I owned. It was a sad day.
I can hear it now. "No civilians NEED body armor"
das, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
If anything this is reminding me yet again that I really need to stop putting off that purchase.
The law? The law is a human institution...
I own a level II vest that I got second hand from a security guard friend that didn't end up wearing it much. I don't really wear much either, because I don't generally go places where I would need to. However, I have been known to throw it in my car when I go to visit a crowded range and or I get a lane next to a clearly new shooter or a ADHD looking kid, or the guy that thinks its funny to let his girl fire his hand cannon to make sure she continues to hate guns forever, in those cases I have been known to go back to my car and put it on under my jacket or shirt. I've seen too many new shooters take that first shot and instinctively turn around with a finger in the trigger guard and that shit eating grin. I've also been known to wear it if a range is busy and I go down to change targets and I notice people in the other lanes lag back while someone else changes targets for them. It keeps you extra warm in the winter too Tongue. When my wife shoots I give it to her and it makes her feel safer and more comfortable while at the range because she is still a little bit wary around guns. Those are legit "common sense" reasons for a civilian to own body armor. Not much different than ears or eyes imo, if you own it why not use it? What about being in the woods during dear season? I think a lot more people will end up owning them as they continue to get cheaper as we develop a new generation of super strong fibers.
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