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Black Caucus recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security
If you google "sheila jackson lee is a", the top suggestions are: an idiot, a moron, and a racist.

From just the first of many articles documenting her retardedness (she went full retard a long time ago in a galaxy far far away):

"Not only has Jackson-Lee voted against every national security measure she could think of, but she actually goes out looking for dictators to support. She  invited Assad to speak in Texas, urged F-16 parts sales to Hugo Chavez, called for an end to economic sanctions against Saddam and participated in an event conducted by an Iranian regime front group against military action on Iran. She might be considered a walking security risk, if she actually knew anything."

The full and entertaining article at

It would be even funnier if it wasn't an actual fact.
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I'm a huge believer in our country and trying to fix things using the system provided to us in our constitution first and foremost. However the way things are going I am starting to lose hope and wonder if it is going to take a more radical effort by The People to fix things. Someone like her is a serious domestic threat. Whether she really is stupid, self serving, racists, socialists, fascist, or any combination of those, holding an office like that is very dangerous to our way of life. I didn't know we could do worse than Janet!
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