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Block shoot, Jonestown Fish & Game Assn.
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Sunday, November 5, 2017 starting at 1:00pm, (Doors open at noon).
2222 Kenbrook Road
Lebanon, Pa. 17046

12 ga. guns only.
30" maximum barrel length
Minimum Bore / Choke Diameter .682"
No scopes or laser sights.
Shooting begins at 1:00pm and continues until we run out of sufficient daylight or willing participants. (Usually around 5:00pm, sundown).
Prizes will include:
Meat trays, (Beef).
Bacon Trays (5 pounds of bacon).
Pork loins.

No age limit, young or old if you can safely handle a 12 ga. shotgun with target loads you may shoot.
There will be indoor activities for te non-shooters. Family friendly card games, Yahtzee, bean bag toss, etc.
There will be raffles for the same prizes that shooters are competing for, you don't have to shoot to win the good stuff.
The whole event is family friendly, well behaved children are welcome.
NO ALCOHOL during the event, (not even beer). It's a shooting event, not a beer party.
It is a private club so smoking is permitted.
Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available at very reasonable prices.
This is a rain or shine event, we've never been rained out.
In other words, if you go to the Lebanon gun show on Saturday or Sunday and want to come out to try out your "new" acquisition, you'll find all of the ranges closed for the day. (Sunday).

We are the oldest organized and continuously operating sportsmen's club in Lebanon county and among the top ten oldest in the state. (Organized in 1913 and incorporated in 1953).

One of our more ambitious members is building a stone wall along our driveway and would like to include stones from every county in Pennsylvania, as many towns and cities as possible, every state in the United States as well as stones from as many countries as possible. He is documenting where each stone comes from and would like to write a book to submit to the county Historical Society. If you come to our club for the block shoot or for any other reason, he would appreciate a stone from your location with a piece of paper stating where the stone came from. He is not marking each stone but is logging them in his "book". Any size stone is welcomed but please do not hurt yourself trying to pick up a big rock. Please do not take one from State Game Lands, it's illegal to remove things from State Game Lands. (But if it comes from somewhere near a State Game Lands it would be nice to know which Game Lands number it's close to). We have specimens from many counties and cities in Pa., a few from other states and even some from Canada, Germany and a few other countries. (It's interesting to see where some of them came from).

For those who want to ask "What is a block shoot?" Here is my description of our version of the event:

Block shoot:
Also known as Card Shoot, Turkey Shoot or other such names. We don't shoot turkeys and we don't shoot blocks, but many years ago the target was a wooden block with an X on the broad face on each side. The block was thrown into the air and shot while in mid air. Scoring was determined by the block with a BB closest to the center of the X on the side of the block.
It has evolved from shoooting blocks of wood to shooting cards that are 4¼" X 5½", in a stationary holder 30 yards away from the shooter. There is an X on the card and scoring is done the same way, the card with a BB closest to the center of the X is the winner. The cards are numbered and the scoring judge does not see any reference to which number correlates to the names on the sign-up sheet.
Shooting is done with 12 gauge shotguns only, to keep it fair the club supplier the shells and choke is limited to commercially available chokes, no custom made chokes unless the bore diameter is .682" or bigger. We have a nylon gauge that is machined to .682", if that gauge fits into the end of your barrel you can use that gun, if it doesn't fit, the gun is disallowed, no exceptions. The other rule relating to barrels is the maximum barrel length can be no longer than 30". One rule not relating to barrel length or diameter is that we do not allow optics, no red dot, no laser no scope. The bead on the end of the barrel is sufficient, but if your gun happens to be equipped with rifle type sights that's OK too.
We run a series of shoots, usually about 15 throughout the day. There aare 20 shooters per shoot, a shot will usually cost $3.00 - $5.00 and the typical prize is a ham, a meat tray or a pork loin. The laast shoot of the day is a money shoot, it's $5.00 to sign up, there are 20 shooters and the winner collects all of the money, ($100.00)
For each shoot there will be a stack of 20 target cards in the target house with a person in the house to change the card after each shot. At the shooting position the "caller" has a list of shooters who signed up for that shoot and he calls the shooters in order. Each shooter fires one shot at one card. After all 20 cards have been shot the cards are taken into the clubhouse to be judged. (A large magnifying glass and measuring tools ate used).
Shoot #2 will begin while shoot #1 is being judged, shoot #3 will begin while shoot #2 is being judged, etc. The winning target is then matched up to the sign-up sheet to reveal the winner of the prize for that shoot and the winning target is posted on a bulletin board outside the doors of the clubhouse.
We don't tolerate horseplay, unsafe acts or unsportsmanlike conduct, we have banned some members for life due to unsportsmanlike behavior. We will not hesitate to ban other members or put non-members on a no-join list for improper behavior. It's a fun event, safety and camaraderie are top priorities.
The proceeds of these events go toward helping the community in ways that help citizens, especially children. We hosted hunter safey classes and provided food for the students and instructors as well as buy the first license for children who are first time hunters who successfully completed and passed the course, (until the Pa. Game Commission started doing the classes online). We also hold a youth field day, host women's self defense handgun courses and other activities, so the proceeds of this event will be going to a good cause.
There are three types of people in the world:
Those who make things happen,
Those who watch things happen,
And those who wonder what happened.

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