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Block shoot, Jonestown Fish & Game Protective Association.
We will be having our Spring 2018 block shoot on Sunday, March 11, 2018. It is one of our two annual fund raisers and we always have a good time. We award good prizes including meat trays, (good cuts of beef), pork loins, bacon trays, (5 pound packages of good quality bacon), hams and money. 
Our rules are in place to keep it fair: 
We do allow choke tubes as long as the bore / muzzle diameter is no smaller than .682", we do not allow laser sights, red dots, green dots or any other color "dots". 
No scopes or other optics. 
Iron sights / open sights like are on a rifle are acceptable. 
Barrel length may be no longer than 30" including choke tube. 
We will measure choke / bore / muzzle diameter and barrel length. 
12 gauge guns only, shells will be provided by the club so everyone is shooting the same load. 
If you can safely handle a 12 gauge shotgun with a light target load you are allowed to shoot, (regardless of age). 
There is no alcohol permitted at the shoot. 
The archery, trap, rifle, and handgun ranges will be closed during the block shoot. 
In other regions a block shoot may be known as a "turkey shoot" a "card shoot" or something else. We shoot at paper cards with an X in a circle in the middle of the card. (No turkeys will be harmed in the course of this shoot). 

The term "block shoot" originated many, many years ago when the targets were blocks of wood with an X drawn on one face of the block and the block was tossed in the air. It has evolved into a "card shoot" but the name "Block Shoot is still used because that is what it has been known as for so many years. We can tolerate continuing the tradition even though the name is not truly indicative of what we actually shoot at.

The shooting distance is about 30 yards.

   We encourage youth involvement at our club and that includes our block shoots. We have had many winners of meat and cash in the past.Kids as young as 9 - 10 years old have proudly taken home some very nice prizes.

   The date is an easy one to remember, the powers that be have decided that they should set that date as the official start of Daylight Saving Time. We're honored that our event is so highly regarded that something as important as changing our clocks should be so closely associated with it.

   Well behaved children are always welcome. There will be indoor activities for non-shooters as well. We will have Yahtzee, cards, board games and if enough interest is shown, perhaps even Bingo.

  Food and beverages, (non-alcoholic) will be available for very reasonable prices.

We have memberships available for anyone who lives close enough to want to join, all that is required is a very short application, yearly dues ($30.00) and attendance at one monthly meeting. Our March monthly meeting will be on the day of the block shoot. The shoot is usually finished around 5:00 pm. We will allow enough time to put things away and clean up a little bit then start our meeting at 5:45 pm. Our meetings usually start at 7:30 pm but this is an exception to that rule for the sake of convenience.

The address is:
2222 Kenbrook Road
Lebanon, Pa. 

The time is 1:00 pm until approximately 5:00 pm with the monthly meeting starting at 5:45 pm. (Doors open at Noon).

There is no "admission" fee, but there is a cost per shot, usually $3.00 for most meat prizes, $4.00 for hams and $5.00 for the "money shoots"

We welcome well behaved children and spouses. Include the family and make a day of it.
(If your husband isn't well behaved we will try to help you keep him under control).

Anyone wishing to volunteer help in any capacity is welcome to offer their services, we usually have at least 4 or 5 non-members helping at these events).

Mark your calendar. We hope to see you there.
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