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Bloomberg-Backed Anti-Gun Lobbyist Enjoys ‘Assault Weapons,’

Quote:Bloomberg-Backed Anti-Gun Lobbyist Enjoys ‘Assault Weapons,’ photo shows

One of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyists in Colorado appears to enjoy firing the very guns he is working to restrict.

Denver-based Headwaters Strategies lobbyist Adam Eichberg participated at a “watermelon shoot” in September 2012 at the farm of Colorado state Sen. Greg Brophy (R.) where he fired a semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

A picture obtained by the Washington Free Beacon shows Eichberg smiling broadly as he shoulders a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine.

“I really hate watermelons,” Eichberg said via email when asked for comment.

Brophy said it was not just Eichberg who wanted to pop off a few rounds at immobile melon targets. Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper also asked to be invited to the melon shoot, he said.

“To top it all off, a week after we did the watermelon shoot this last year, the governor was out in eastern Colorado doing a bike tour,” Brophy said. “And the governor comes to my house on Friday night and practically begs to come to my melon shoot next year.

A few months later he’s in contact with Bloomberg’s group and planning gun-control measures in Colorado.”

Hickenlooper’s office did not return requests for comment.
Ladies of the Second Amendment

"I regard giving as necessary to right the balance" Hu Chung

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"The colors, the colors. Has anybody seen my good friend John?" Then he lit up a banana and he hung up.

Al Bundy.
Not uncommon.

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent Warren Riley having fun during gun confiscation during Katrina...

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There's lots of pics of very anti public officials holding guns with smiles on their faces.
For lots of politicians it's do as I say, not as I do. Freaking hypocrites....
Live Free or Die
Jon Doe;86584 Wrote:For lots of politicians it's do as I say, not as I do. Freaking hypocrites....

As soon as I read the first post this is exactly what popped into my mind as well.

I'd go as far as to say if politicians had to follow the same laws/rules they set out for everyone else the law books would be a third the size they are now.
Lobbyists are pimps and whores, just in better suits. They will sell anything for the right price. No big surprise that he doesn't practice what he preaches.
My guns have killed less people than Obama's ATF has.
You have to love the Internet. These morons still don't understand "forever."
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