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Bloomberg endorses Obama
Did anyone expect anything different? Bloomberg was a Democrat who switched to Republican to get elected as Mayor by riding Rudy Guilliani's coattails. He then switched to Independent after forcing through a change to NYC law extending his term-limited office.

When it comes time to bury this Bloomberg they'll have to flush him.
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He wants dem obama bucks.
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csmith;33594 Wrote:Bloomberg will be the next one on the ticket.

I'll be swallowing a barrel if that happens.
"The colors, the colors. Has anybody seen my good friend John?" Then he lit up a banana and he hung up.

Al Bundy.
I, for one, am surprised Bloomturd could actually think about someone other than himself for a minute.
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There was never a doubt. Both want the same thing: Government telling you what you can and cannot do, and gun bans.
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Camper;33854 Wrote:There was never a doubt. Both want the same thing: Government telling you what you can and cannot do, and gun bans.

Yet they virtually refuse to do the things the actual Americans ask of them - in the interests of "we in government know better than you silly voters"...jeez, double-standards run rampant in Gotham. Whodathunk?
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