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Boehner re-elected as Speaker... booooo.....hisssss.
Well, John "Weepy Pants" Boehner managed to pressure the Republicans in the House (according to folks like Louie Gohmert... by every vile means possible).

Anyone who thinks the Republican Party will do anything to stop or even slow the President's march to unconstitutional abuse of power can now sit down and shut up, apparently. The Republican party is, as a whole, a limp wristed laughing stock, a boot licking, skeeving, and self indulgent group of ass clowns.

Folks like Gowdy, Gohmert, Cruz, Paul, and a select few others need to do one of two things: break away and become a united third party... or leave politics entirely. Already, insiders have been whispering that everyone who voted against Boehner is DONE as far as appointments to special committees, and therefore any hope that the Republicans will ever do anything to fix our bloated, corrupt, and abusive Federal government is also DONE.
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Same shit different day.

A few of the newbies surprised me by voting Boehner. Guess the threats worked.

America spoke.....but nobody is listening.
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The reprisals have already begun. Less that half a day since securing his position at the head of the House, Boner has begun removing any and all who dared stand against him. I would look for these folks to also see no funding from the RNC for re election.

Stick a fork in it... the Republican Party is done.
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The Republican party offers the same plan that the Democrat party does, just on a slower schedule. I'm not sure there is a way out of the mess we are in short of a government reset and purge.

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