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boomburg statement on todays votes
Quote:Statement on the Failure of the U.S. Senate to Pass Gun Background Check Legislation

"Today's vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington. More than 40 U.S. senators would rather turn their backs on the 90 percent of Americans who support comprehensive background checks than buck the increasingly extremist wing of the gun lobby.

It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Damn it someone post the crying baby Democrat picture for me.
Quote:Vice President Joe Biden appeared to wipe away tears after a father of a Newtown victim spoke in the Rose Garden, and just as President Obama took the podium to speak about the Democratic-controlled Senate not expanding today's gun votes:

Quote:Update (5:58 p.m.): Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who rose to some national prominence for his tough gun control measures passed earlier this year, also weighed in:

“The Senate’s failure to pass a bipartisan measure that is supported by the vast majority of American people is a sad statement on the power of extremists to stand in the way of reason and common sense. Background checks for firearm sales is a reasonable measure that would help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and help keep Americans safe from gun violence. In the wake of the seemingly unending cycle of tragedy involving gun violence, the Senate’s inability to pass even a watered down, minimal gun safety bill is simply unacceptable.”
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
I hope these totalitarian douches get what they deserve.
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Since Bloomberg is afraid to take comments on his site, I will address his concerns here.

There never was a 90% consensus. That was propaganda you guys created to move your agenda. You are either dumb enough to believe your own lies or too dumb to realize that what you propose would be infringing the rights of 300 million Americans. Alternatively, you are simply an arrogant dictator wannabe.
The Constitution is now being supported by special interest groups only?
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If we lie to the government, it's a crime. If the government lies to the people, it's called politics.
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Where exactly did this 90% BS come from? This getting to be like North Korea were the Gov. tells you what to believe the truth means nothing.
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No fair your strangle hold was tougher than my strangle hold.
If there is a God Bloomberg will get ass cancer....soon.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
Biden was wiping the tear because he had to miss happy hour.
MikeP, just an old guy that smells of garlic.
If 90% of Americans so badly want gun control, then I would expect that the next senate will be at least 70-80% anti gun senators. I mean, isn't that how this voting thing is supposed to work?

So what are they worried about?
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