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Braddock Mayor Running for Congress Puts out anti-Gun Ad

He's basically declared himself as an enemy of legal gun owners and is in favor of total confiscation and repeal of 2A.
The people in his shithole neighborhood either love him or he's a thug and they're afraid of him.

You're a smart guy. Google him and look for the account of him chasing someone and taking a LOADED shotgun that he keeps in his truck out and holding him for the police.

They even acknowledge in the article that it's not legal to do so.

Wanna guess if he was charged?

Had I won my race as Philadelphia Sheriff, I still would not be permitted to make arrests directly myself under Pennsylvania Law until I complied with 53 Pa.C.S. § 2161 [basically, it's to take and complete abbreviated Academy training at PSP]. And also comply with Act 135 [something former PPD Commissioner Chuck Ramsey discovered when he was hired from D.C. when he found out he wasn't licensed to have a gun on him for his job, even as police chief, nor off-duty]. And even with all that--I would still be a "civillian" no matter what; because I have the humility to recognize unless you came in through the lobby and worked your way up, this is not your domain and you stay out of it.

I didn't run for Sheriff though as a goal to be a LEO boss... I ran because they run a billion-dollar real estate operation, the largest in Philadelphia--and quite a number of people involved in it should be doing time right now in the Federal pen because they are thieves. They are also raping the taxpayers of millions of dollars in bloated overtime. Work morale as bottom-barrel, the guy who is Sheriff right now is a flunky and was a mall cop at Temple U and way before that he was Jelly from the block bagging groceries; now he's in charge of shit that's way over his head and he doesn't understand---and it's lifetime residents homes his office deals with and steals money and equity both from incompetence and outright fraud.

For a fucking mayor to be making citizens arrests and shit---that's not brave, it is stupid. You get a police radio put in your vehicle if you want to get the cops out quick or take a cop with you.

But this is Pennsylvania, and we have a ton of shit boros in this state full of dumbass people doing dumbass shit---and I'm only talking about the people who run the show, not the citizenry.
Here's the article.

Quote:Braddock mayor says he's justified in pulling shotgun after hearing noise like gunshots
By Tory N. Parrish | Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, 11:10 a.m.

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman said on Friday that he has no regrets about pulling a shotgun on a man who he thought was running away from a shooting.

The man told police that he was a jogger, and officers found no weapons on him during the Jan. 26 incident.

“I did what I thought was appropriate at the time. I don't have any regrets now. It was just a very confusing and scary situation,” said Fetterman, 43.

Braddock police and the man could not be reached for comment.

Fetterman acknowledged he had shells in the magazine of the 20-gauge shotgun he pulled from his truck, but he said the chamber was empty and he kept the safety on.

It is illegal to have a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle, Allegheny County District Attorney's Office spokesman Mike Manko said.

Manko said his office had not received a complaint and that county police would handle any investigation. County police Assistant Superintendent James Morton said they are not investigating.

About 4:30 p.m. that day, Fetterman said, he was outside his home on Library Street with his son, 4, when he heard what sounded like a dozen high-powered rifle shots coming from nearby Parker Avenue. He took his son inside to be with his wife and called police, he said.

Fetterman said he noticed a man, dressed in black and wearing a face mask and goggles, running from the direction of the gunshot sounds. Fetterman followed the man in his truck into North Braddock, stopping him on Jones Avenue.

When the man refused Fetterman's two orders to stop to wait for police, the mayor pulled the shotgun from his truck to stop him from leaving. He said he never pointed the gun at the man.

Dumbass doesn't know in Pennsylvania you have no license to pursuit.

Even if someone breaks into your home--you cannot give chase and mow them down.

If they're ADVANCING, you can turn them into red mist. If you're giving chase---all you should be doing is tracking and giving LEOs an update on his location if that's what your gameplan is.

Castle Doctrine is "stand your ground", not a hunting license.
Looks like the Braddock mayor is no match for a whining voice in a cocktail dress that cut and pastes Occupy Democrats posts on her Facebook timeline.
[Image: McGinty3.jpg]

Quote:And even McGinty's tone in recent TV ads has changed.

One ad hits Toomey's "obstructionism" on the court issue, saying it threatens union rights and abortion rights, right in the Democratic wheelhouse.

Another focuses on equal pay for women. She says she'll fight "for my daughters [she has three] and yours." The gender thing for sure.

But her delivery is more powerful, less Pollyannaish.

She has ties to the Clintons, and as Clinton gains and Sanders fades, McGinty is positioned to benefit. A less-contested presidential primary here can mean lower turnout, less local fire for Sanders, so less local fire for Fetterman, a supporter and ideological soul mate of the senator from Vermont.


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