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Breaking: Prepper Put on No-Fly List, Stranded in Hawaii
You'd think cases like this would end this crap..
ExcelToExcel;26658 Wrote:You'd think cases like this would end this crap..

You'd think that when politicians take the oath of office that they would uphold the constitution that our nation was founded on too...unfortunately that's not the case.

@Hex, he's have to book a cruise in order to do that which is probably much more expensive than a plane ticket. People don't really take ships for personal transportation anymore. I don't believe in a no fly list of any American citizen, if they are that much of a risk then they should be charged with a crime, if no crime is committed you can't enforce thought-crime.
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If you have not listened to the linked video, it states that a background check was done by the PI who is speaking on the video and he could not find anything in his history (nor on social media) which would cause the individual in question to be put on the list.
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Connal;26630 Wrote:Hi, my name is Connal. I'm a prepper. Come and get me.

I am guessing you stock pile Duff's Beer and Doughnuts?
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