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Bucks County To Stop Issuing LTC To Residents Of States That Don't Recognize PA LTC
I just got home from picking up my PA permit from Sheriff Donnelly's office in Doylestown, PA. I never saw the sheriff. Officer Ingram was the person that took care of everything.

While I was there, Officer Ingram informed me that being a Utah resident was a good thing. He said that soon they will no longer be issuing permits to residents of states that do not recognize the PA permit. The conversation about this was shorter than I wanted it to be because there was another person waiting to obtain their permit. He said the feeling is that those states don't want to recognize their residents 2A Rights, so why should they waste their time issuing permits to residents of those states. I tried to explain that's not the fault of the people, but of the government, and tried to inform him that some states, such as Illinois have no means to enter into recognition agreements at this time, regardless of what the pro 2A people in those states, the same people that would obtain a PA permit, want. Officer Ingram specifically referenced New Jersey, and based on Bucks County's proximity to New Jersey, I can understand where they are coming from after surviving Illinois for 3 years, and being a Utah resident and Utah Instructor and seeing how Nevada handled that.

I do not know if this is a department thing, or a statewide thing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a statewide thing because of how anti-2A Kane is.
I guess they don't understand what "shall issue" really means.
It's definitely a department and not a state thing. The Sheriff could easily be sued in court and beaten since there's no legal reason to deny the LTCF.
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