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Cabelas Ammo Box Alert
Just a heads up on a shipment or two or ?? of the plastic Cabelas moisture proof ammo boxes. $15.99 I went to Cabelas WV to buy ammo boxes and came home empty. There were lots stacked and none had the gasket (seal) that they should have in them. Apparently they know but are still sellling them that way full price.

I am awaiting a response from a manager to find out what is up.
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I wouldn't use those plastic boxes for ammo regardless if they have the gasket or not. I'm not a big fan of filling them full of "precious metals" and then accidentally drop one onto a hard surface. I have a feeling they'll split open, especially if they happen to hit a corner.

That said, I do have two of them, I keep one in each car and they're loaded with emergency supplies. All my ammo is stored in .50cal metal boxes with good gaskets. I have no worries about them splitting open if dropped. But steel toed boots is advisable when working with the boxen. Wink
I dropped a box of 250 rounds of .223 the other day from my bench. It seemed like it took 10 seconds to fall 4.5 feet but I was barefoot and expecting major damage.

It missed me and since it was the same day that Pope Francis was elected, I am sure this is proof of his first miracle.
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Not a problem - i couldn't lift one full anyways!!
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the only thing i used them for was keeping recovery straps and shackles out of the weather in the cruiser.
the fabrication doesn't stop in the shop, that's what the field guys are for.
Just1more;88695 Wrote:Not a problem - i couldn't lift one full anyways!!

I bought a 40mm can at the last gun show.

[Image: 20130204_150334_zpsb781b0a0.jpg]

I put a case (1,000 rds) of 9mm in it and it was rather heavy. The ammo alone is 40 lbs if I recall, and the can must weigh at least 5 lbs.
It will hold slightly over 2,000 rds of boxed 9mm.

It's filled at the moment and won't be going anywhere any time soon.
I got a few of the plastic Cabelas cans for free with bulk ammo purchases (the good old days!). I just used them to organize my brass, and I noticed something. The gasket only has an impression from the rim of the can at the front. The rim is not digging into the seal along the sides or at the back. Therefore, the gasket is useless and the can is about as waterproof as a shoe box.

Still, they are great for storing a lot of things. I'm looking forward to buying more bulk ammo in them... someday... Undecided
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Are they made by MTM/Case Gard?

[Image: opplanet-mtm-ammo-can-50-caliber-ac50c-40.jpg]

[Image: AC.bmp]

"Water Resistant O-Ring Seal".
Costs them a penny, but makes the can worth a LOT more to someone who sees a gasket without paying attention to the words on the can.

That's who makes the Zombie cans.

[Image: GA_MTMAC50Z.jpg]
I am looking into the manufacturer - all those boxes are pretty similar in the way the rubber gasket sits in the lid. I like them as they stack. So far everything is good inside the ones with gaskets.
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I got one it stores all my .22lr ammo and spare mags    

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