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Calif. DOJ forcing Ruger to leave the state market
Quote:“We’re being forced out of the state by the California Department of Justice,” explained Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger Firearms.

“This insistence on microstamping, which doesn’t work, is denying you your rights to have access to these guns.”

“We’re not abandoning the [California] market at all, we are trying our hardest to stay in the market,” he continued. “We’re committed to California and we’re fighting this every inch of the way.”

In other words, they’re not abandoning their fans, enthusiasts and customers in California. They’re going to do whatever they can to see that this inane law gets struck down.

And they’re not alone in the fight.

As noted in an article on Monday, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute recently filed a lawsuit in the State’s Superior Court challenging the mircrostamping requirement, claiming that it’s unfeasible due to limitations and problems with microstamping technology.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
It's nice to see where Ruger stands. Unfortunately this is a no win situation. If Ruger (and any other company) gives up on California, the antis will tout it as a victory and push forward getting the law out to all the other states in hopes that all the manufacturers will just go out of business. If Ruger (and any other company) cave, the antis win and push forward into other states.
The law? The law is a human institution...
The antis are attacking on multiple fronts. Our side is always and always will be on the defensive.
Their side runs the ground game everyday while we just want to be left alone.

They own all the institutes with power and are using it, from EO's to the judiciary. their political science trainees entrenching in the schools media and legislatures.

They are political animals while we just want to live our lives.

Half our side demonizes the NRA, for Gods sakes

And that is why they will win.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson

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