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California's version of a Big Gulp law....taxes!

Quote:A new bill in California would tax sugary drinks like soda one penny per ounce.

In California, big gulps could soon be taxed in a big way.

A bill that would tax sweetened beverages like soda and energy drinks a penny per ounce cleared a hurdle Wednesday in the California Legislature. The state Senate Governance and Finance Committee passed SB-622 by a 5-2 vote, sending the controversial measure on for review by the Senate Health Committee.
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I like how they pretend that it's for the public health and not a flat out money grab. A penny per oz is not going to make anyone think twice it's just a way to get their foot in the door and then later jack it up at 500% of inflation over the next decade.
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That is fine. Sell it by the half ounce, and run a special. By one half ounce, and the same price you paid for 16 ounces. And for a non limited time we will throw in 15 1/2 ounces FREE!!!
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Actually that's a quite large markup for the larger drinks...a 64 ounce drink will be an additional .64 on top of current taxes and costs.

If a Big Gulp costs $1.80 (I have no clue, I don't shop there) and there is a .64 markup, that is a 35.5% markup on the price!
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Sounds like a lucrative business for the state where marijuana is legal, so now the dealers will be running Coke and Pepsi in on the black market...
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............

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