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Campbells Sporting Goods, Hollidaysburg
First time ever in this store was today.

Sold a pistol and this is where the guy wanted the transfer done, more on that later.

Plenty of long guns behind the counter and tucked away in cubbies.
Seemed geared towards hunting rifles.
Probably 75-100 handguns of all types and brands, I noticed Springfield, Glock, Ruger, S&W and a few odd balls like what appeared to be a Polish P83 but it was marked as a .380 on the tag.
Lots of ammo in probably any caliber you could want. I noticed a wide variety of manufacturers.

I didn't walk around, more on that also but I did notice a corner full of fishing gear, some reloading stuff and some scopes, a little assortment of AR stuff, etc... Your basic shop filler.

Prices seemed in line with most other places. They had some cans of the 5.56 Federal for $179, some of the 12ga Mil-Surp in cans, 175 rnds for IIRC about $120.
Not bad prices by any means, not what I'd call great deals, but not expensive either.

Staff was friendly enough, seems one guy was off on vacation and the paperwork took a tad longer than I'd consider normal, but not real bad, we were in there for about a half hour to 40 mnins, PICS had the guy on hold for 5-8 of that.

I noticed a few things I was thinking of grabbing since I was there and was waiting up front while the guy that bought my pistol paid them, he had to get change for me as well.
I stood there tinkering with a flashlight that claimed to be 210 Lumens on the box, it was pretty bright and had a strobe function, I was going to grab one for the $22 when the salesman told the buyer it would be $42.40.

$42.40 for a transfer?

I mean hell, it wasn't me paying and the buyer uses them all the time he says, as recently as three weeks ago. He never blinked an eye, just handed over the cash.
I just kinda stood there in awe that it just cost this guy $40 for a single transfer.
Now I feel bad for suggesting I meet him near his place instead of making him drive to me.

This is why I didn't finish walking around after he paid me, I left without buying anything.

So, in short, if you are in the area it's worth a stop, pretty good selection and not horrible prices, but for a private transfer, I'd call around.
I'll stop in again when in the area and when I have more time to look around.
Some people need to read this book:


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