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Canadian Gays Seek to Bar Christians from Practicing Law

Quote:Up North in America’s Hat, gay activist groups are pressuring the Government to effectively deny Christians the right to practice law; the first step to barring Christians from participation in the political and economic life of the country.

On April 24th, the law society of Canada’s largest province voted against admitting among their ranks graduates of Trinity Western University, for the sole reason that the school’s community covenant, which students (and teachers) voluntarily sign upon admission or hiring, reserves sexual intimacy for heterosexual marriage. Nova Scotia followed suit, wording their rejection as approval on the condition that TWU change its community covenant or allow students to opt out.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
When I saw this headline I didn't think it could possibly be a real story. This is persecution to the extreme. These gay activists are advocating for the state to treat Christians like the Nazis did the Jews before the Holocaust. The Nazi "Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service" was passed in 1933, banning Jews from being employed in government. They couldn't work in a government capacity as a teacher, judge, professor...

I hope a large majority of Canadians stand with Christians and protest against what these gay activists are calling for.
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Based on my attempts to fact find, call me skeptical.

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It's Canada. They're fully-fledged western socialists up there.

Besides, to appear before a court representing another person or entity here you have to follow that particular court's requirements, which includes passing the bar exam for that state, doing CLE which you have to keep on doing your whole career, and petitioning the court for the right to appear before it. You can get a J.D. from a community college, pass the bar and become a lawyer in PA.

Everything you'd ever want to know about becoming a lawyer here:

No Supreme Court of any state or SCOTUS would ever allow such a thing as barring law students from a school that has a "socially unacceptable" mindset.

If that were the case, nobody would ever go to Liberty University or Pepperdyne for that matter (both offer J.D. programs). Or any Catholic university either [which is where I went to school].

A college, private, public, religious or secular, can get dis-accredited. 99.9999% of the time a school is dis-accredited in the US for only one of three reasons: the school has stopped paying its debt and is in financial collapse, or the student population has dwindled next to nothing, or transcript fraud--generating phony records of student performance and achievement.
I think the problem with many people these days is that people identify so strongly with a group that it becomes who they are entirely which leads to this militant mindset and all of these outlandish stories we've seen as of late. I've seen too many people in the gay community who are willing to compromise ALL of their other beliefs in exchange for legislative table scraps that are seen as "pro-gay". This isn't limited to just gays, even as a non-believer in religion the stuff militant atheists do to combat Christianity makes me cringe. It's so short sighted and ineffective, who was ever converted in their beliefs through this sort of militancy? It's not healthy for people to let one aspect of their lives entirely define them as a person, whether it be the religion they subscribe to or lack there-of, sexual preference, gender identity (radical feminists anyone?), or racism etc. Honestly, when someone is openly gay and makes me aware of it, I'm pretty much indifferent to it. I understand the need for gay people to be able to identify each other as they are a minority and I respect the strength it requires to come out to your family for example, but if being gay is the best thing you have going for you or you feel your most interesting attribute to other people is that you're gay, an immigrant of a certain ethnicity, or atheist, christian, a gun owner, etc to the point that it entirely defines you as a person to the point that you feel constantly threatened by anyone who doesn't fawn over the fact that you belong to a certain group or is indifferent to it then you are a pretty pathetic and boring person. Sadly as time goes on this sort of mindset that resorts in these sorts of stories just seems to get more prevalent.
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And you don't see social conservatives on the opposite side doing the exact same thing whenever a politician proposes more government intrusion to further a SoCon cause?

Very bright line clear example: marijuana. Most SoCons hate the stuff and want to continue to see the government clamp down on it. Ever since the 1920s movie Reefer Madness, that was it for them.

Even though in inhaleable form, nobody has been able to overdose from it. It impairs driving and operating heavy machinery like over-the-counter Dramamine can, or adult bevs can. There wasn't any documented urban drug gang warfare over the stuff before 1967. Thanks to its Prohibition-style ban, it employed a large number of government jobs, the largest being prisons to manage the population growth of the incarcerated. Half of the U.S. states now have some form of legal pot mainly because the resistance to increasing corrections spending has grown louder over the years and Federal court decisions banning population growth in already overcrowded facilities has squeezed legislatures into making decisions they would otherwise not make if there were unlimited cash and land available available with an absence of NIMBYs to dot the countryside with more prisons.

This isn't something new--1929 to 1940 was when a large wave of SoCon-ism swept over the USA and gave us the Prohibition amendment. The ill side effects from Prohibition were well documented because it targeted everyone's favorite pasttime: drinking. The Temperance societies that popped up in the 1900s and 1910s wanted the government to instill Puritannical beliefs on all those dirty European immigrants who were flooding into the country and spreading their ugly heavy drinking habits across the land.

Another one: state abortion controls. These are the large wave of abortion regulations passed in state houses since last year designed to attack and constrict access to abortion. First in the 1980s the obvious goalpost was banning late-terms. Reasonable to most people. In the span of 18 months it's gone from there to mandatory waiting periods, increased licensing requirements [ok, but everyone know this isn't really intended to stop another Kermit Gosnell], to LOOK AT THE SONOGRAM. LOOK AT IT! Ala Gov. Corbett pandering to SoCons who designed that particular law hoping emotional women will back out of the procedure.

A litmus test for any SoCon politician is whether they'll work to overturn Roe vs. Wade. That 1972 decision has yet to be overturned 42 years on. But, you know... keep hope alive.
JustinHEMI;145071 Wrote:Based on my attempts to fact find, call me skeptical.


Link embedded in the original article:
JustinHEMI;145071 Wrote:Based on my attempts to fact find, call me skeptical.

Not even going to try to find any. IF its anything its going to be some blogger posting insane ramblings which the sheep will take seriously.

Christians barred in North America? Now that's some funny stuff right there. Next? Whites not allowed to own businesses.
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