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Car Duty
Hey all,

I'm looking for ideas for a relatively inexpensive pistol that I could use to keep in my vehicle, pretty much permanently.

Something relatively inexpensive, as well...I'm not looking for a $400 gun, I'm looking for the $200 range and understand that used will likely be the way to go.

So what do you all think would make a good car carry pistol? Whether I carry daily or not is irrelevant, as this would be primarily a vehicle carry pistol and when driving would be the goto.

I was thinking a revolver for simplicity, but am not opposed to semi's either. I have a bersa thunder I may relegate to car duty, but wouldn't mind a new gun.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Might want to think about this one:

Looks like the old Colt Detective Special, but the lockwork is different. But the pachmayr grips for the Colt will work on it Wink

Price is in the range you mentioned as well.
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Look at the Ruger P95. It's built like a tank, but it's a very affordable 9mm.
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I would actually recommend a Hi-Point pistol in 45 ACP (JHP 45). Sure certain fan boys will laugh at it but what's really wrong with it? You have 9 rounds of 45 ACP at your command (Which is equal to a single stack M1911), it's accurate, it's AK reliable, it's American made plus it has a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. I have researched this pistol and people who own it love it. They shoot an easy 1000 rounds of cheap ammo through it and it keeps on working. I have even seen people go to extreme lengths to blow up one (Via squib loads) and it was nearly impossible to do. Can you really beat that for $150?

Another good option is a CZ-82. It's a fine pistol, shoots a decent round, 12 round magazines but only cost $220. Finally I heard good reviews on the FEG Hi-Powers which are between $200-$300. Just do your research on them because they made 2-3 different models but one is based on the Hi-Power (Same parts and magazines) and the other is based on the S&W 59 (Hard to find parts and magazines).

Good luck in your search.
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I second the Hi-Point... You can get anywhere from a 9mm (under 150) to a .45 (under 180) and if it gets banged around, rusty, or just generally messed up, you won't care too much. You just send it back to Ohio, they fix it or replace it, and throw in an extra magazine or two for your trouble... They don't much like JHP's usually, but it's a gun thing, some like them and some don't. I would buy the expanding FMJ's for it and call it a day. Not liking JHP isn't a weakness, I've seen some highend 1911's choke on JHP's... lol

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I have to go with lifeinpa, I have a hi point in my trunk.

I always took it out before going to work, but aside from that ....

I take it out every few weeks. Make sure to oil it, check for rust or other issues. Also put rounds down range at least once a month.

Have never had a problem with it. It is the c9, so it is smaller. But the warranty and the price got me started.
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I vote for a stainless revolver. Also should get a lock box. Maybe a few desiccant packs inside of it.
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Just an FYI I mentioned the full sized JHP 45 over the compact models and models chambered in 40 and 9mm because it's a bulky pistol with a lower magazine capacity compared to modern pistols of equal size. So I figured you would be best served with the JHP 45 since it has the size, power and capacity of an M1911 which has been a gold standard pistol in this country for a century now. It's going to make a bigger hole with those 9 rounds too. That's just my personal opinion though so take it for what it's worth. Wink
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For a gun that's going to sit in a a truck, maybe not get routinely shot and maintained, I'd vote for a simple revolver.

Could get a Tauras 4" .357 and load it full power or .38s. I don't own a Tauras but my friend has had 1 for about 15 years with never a problem.

Could probably search and find one relatively cheap since new they're only around $300.
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This is just my opinion. So take it for what it is worth. You're asking for trouble if the vehicle gets broken in to & you lose a loaded firearm. And adding ammo to the activists arsenal/statistics.. Unless you are planning on bolting a small safe in a trunk & keeping it locked up. The only place I have a loaded firearm that is not on my person is at my home. I live by myself. If the grand kids come over they all get put away & locked up. Again, just an opinion. No offense intended. Have a great evening. Mullet.
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