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Carrying at work
I work at a privately owned tutoring center. They have no employee rule book.

Legal to carry since it's not officially a school? Don't ask, don't tell, right?

I haven't been carrying but things are getting crazy, so I probably should.
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At least you have the option. I work on a federal facility with random vehicle checks. In your case, I would do some checking but not ask too many questions that may provoke a rule change or something being put into writing since nothing seems to be in writing yet.
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This is always a tough thing to comment on.

If you are sure it's not a school under the legal definition and there is no official rule saying no firearms, then you are probably OK.
Probably up until you are eventually outed somehow, then you may have to explain to a higher up or worse, a cop, why you are carrying around kids in such a setting.
You need to consider what might happen to your job and reputation if you are found carrying, that's for you to decide and I make no comment on this, just giving you something to consider.

Myself, I can carry at work, it's almost considered rude to not bring in a new gun to show off.
That said, in places like a movie theater I conceal well and ignore any posted signs.
This is me, my decision, as my kids are worth taking the "risk" of getting "caught" and asked to leave.

I'm a firm believer in just what you posted, Don't Ask, Don't tell.

Maybe like sgt eluded to above, with this shooting, maybe casually comment on "what might have went differently if someone had had a gun on them". Any replies might give you some idea as to the general thoughts on carrying.
Some people need to read this book:

Well tonight I carried but then chickened out when it came to bringing it inside the building. I left it hidden and locked in my car.

I'm still thinking about it.

I have a seasonal job at a tax office and I have no issue carrying there. Totally don't ask, don't tell in that case. But I don't know about working with kids. Ehhhh.

Plus, something about the way my body is, I feel like I print super easy. I'm still trying to find the perfect setup to allow me to hide that angular shape.
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