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Carrying in Vehicles... what's legal?
shademtarmory;161978 Wrote:I'd have to say good luck with that. Even if twency is correct, you're friend could still be paying out the butt in legal defense fees. It's one thing to know the law. It's another to push the issue and risk everything.

After I purchased my first handgun but before I had an LTCF, I met up with a friend at his house and we went to the range. Afterwards we went back to his place to clean the guns, then I went home. In my opinion I broke no law.

I get what you're saying, an overzealous cop could try to jam someone up for doing that, but the same is true with a whole host of other statutes. Seems pretty clear to me that it's within both the spirit and letter of the law to transport a firearm to/from a "place of assembly" as part of a trip to/from the range.

That said, get the license. It's relatively cheap and easy, it lets you transport for reasons you definitely couldn't otherwise and it can be cheap insurance for certain other kinds of trips that might be murky without it. I'm not saying otherwise.
I am not a lawyer.
In the end we had no use for the frame for the mods we were making and he had no use for a fine or jail time, so he brought the slide and left the frame at home. We did the mods, went over cleaning and function (easily I may add because I carry the same pistol), and he went on his way. I printed him a copy of the LCTF license and he's dropping it off this Monday. All in all, I'm most happy that I could help bring another responsible carrier into the fold.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the conversation.

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