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Carrying on the ocean
My friend and I were just talking a little bit ago and he is a huge boater. We were discussing the benefits of having your LTCF and he asked me a question that I honestly had no clue about and have never heard anything being discussed so I figured I'd bring it up here.

So here it is. How does it work if you live in a state on the coast and want to take your boat, ship, sail boat etc out into the Atlantic? Is your permit good on the waters?
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Let's say you have your Florida LTCF. If you are on a boat within the United States legal jurisdiction (off the Florida coast) then you are fine. If you are in international waters then I really don't think it matters because nobody can really impose their own laws in an area that doesn't belong to anybody. Just remember as soon as you are within the US' legal jurisdiction, but the nearest state is one where your LTCF isn't valid, then you are probably breaking the law. Also if you go to another country with a firearm on your boat, you are probably breaking the law over there too unless it is a military ship, merchant marine ship, or if you have permission from that country's authority. This article has some decent information.

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