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Carrying with one in the chamber is Unsafe
I saw this topic on another forum. A gentleman was stopped while open carrying. The man who stopped him had commented on how " Carrying with one in the chamber is Unsafe ".

I thought we might discuss this a bit here on this new forum.

I myself always carry with one in the chamber. My carries a revolver and she prefers to carry it with the hammer on an empty chamber.

If presented with a situation that you have to stop and rack the slide and it went in front of a jury could this method of carry be used against you. if you have time to stop and think about racking the slide would you not have time to retreat?

Just playing devils advocate here.
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Like I said on the other forum, if I'm not carrying one in the chamber, I might as well just carry a brick. Cheaper and easier to maintain.

I have, and always will, carry chambered.

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I'm sure in a forum wide poll we would see that the vast majority of forum members carry with one in the chamber, or in all five to seven chambers for wheel gun carriers.
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Couldn't be bothered to respond over there so I am glad you brought the topic here. I had serious issues making the transitions for the same exact reasons the old guy in the original post brought up. Carrying with one in the chamber went against everything I was taught about firearm safety. But then again so does shooting a person in the first place. So does storing a loaded gun in the house.

The couple of times I hunted as a kid I always walked around with one in the chamber. Why? By the time I chambered a round my opportunity to shoot was gone. They say keep a gun unloaded until you are ready to use it. From the moment I put it on my hip to the moment I take it off, I'm ready to use it. After I take it off and lock it up, I'm ready to use it. I cringe when my kids stand at my side under the holster. I do my best to make sure it doesn't happen. I know they don't just go off, a proper holster is as safe a place as any.

Some people just arent comfortable with it, and you know what thats fine. People who use that as grounds to discourage somebody from carrying at all can go right back to the other forum and stay there as far as im concerned. Ive seen so many people get told things like "just stop carrying" because of the whole one in the pipe debate. That's just stupid. To me, i also feel like i may as well be carrying a brick, but thats how i feel and others are allowed to feel differently. There will always be what ifs when you carry. What if I shoot myself holstering/unholstering or while chambering a round in the heat of the moment? What if I miss and shoot somebody else? What if I cant pull the trigger? If you haven't worked THAT stuff out in your head yet maybe then you shouldn't be carrying.
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Yep... it's UN-safe.

For any badguys who cross me, it's UN-safe... [Image: smiley-happy009.gif]
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Like in all things , there are variables,Demographics,etc.!
Out here where I live , it is only habit no-more no-less .
Now while in the masses , I am very aware and conscious and
why there is one in the chamber !

Danger=common sense + training + ability + skill level + experience =

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(09-16-2012, 04:16 PM)JustinHEMI Wrote: Like I said on the other forum, if I'm not carrying one in the chamber, I might as well just carry a brick. Cheaper and easier to maintain.

I have, and always will, carry chambered.


Pretty much this; if I have to draw it, it needs to be ready to go. Not to mention, if you're in a situation (think robbery) where you haven't yet been seen, racking the slide may very well give you away.
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I haven't drilled or practiced with drawing and racking the slide. Even if I had, I suspect that the time it took me to do that, would have given the psycho that came at me in my incident enough time to half the distance between he and I.

No thanks.

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I carry in case the unexpected happens. I''m not counting on the unexpected to be accomodating to my needs and sending a situation my way where I have time to draw, rack the slide, etc......

I expect the unexpected to be... well......... unexpectedTinybuck
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If you are carrying a pistol with an empty chamber, you may as well be unarmed...

Revolver with the hammer down on an empty cylinder?? Whats the point...
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