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CAUTION: Bad Winchester Bulk .22
No, not the recalled overloaded stuff.

This is the bulk stuff in various box sizes from 225 to 555 rounds.

I bought three of the 555 boxes back at the beginning of the supply chain melt-down post Sandy Hook.

Found that in my Glenfield 25, about 1 in 50 or 100 rounds would have an unusually prolonged PFFFT! sort of sound, and I'd get blasted in the face with debris from around the bolt, smoke would come out of the mag well, etc. (Wear good safety glasses!)

There was a scorch-mark on the case, starting large at the front and tapering towards the back. No squib, but a barrel which looked like a barbecue-pit with unburned powder.

Puzzled. Checked the head-space. Fine.

Now this ammo isn't known for great crimps, and these were no exception.

Exceptionally no exception. When I went to load some into 10/22 magazines, two of the bullets fell out of the cases! A closer inspection showed that, indeed, in about 1 in 50 instances, the crimp was nearly non-existent.

A bit of discussion over on revealed that, with a really bad crimp, a .22 shell will not expand into the chamber to form a proper seal, and thus combustion waste goes everywhere, the shot is weak, and the "smokeless" powder is anything but.

The stuff is not horribly unsafe, if you have eye protection and/or inspect each cartridge before firing it, but if you have any Winchester bulk ammo, please don't just dump a pile in front of your kid and say "have at it." Safety-check all of the ammo first.

Two and a half bricks of mine are on their way back to Winchester for analysis by their QA folks. In the remaining 250 or so in a box, I found about 5 really horrible crimps, and 10 more that were dicey (full bullet rotation).
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