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Cheap Blackhawk IWB Holster
So I have a 9-10 week wait for my Switch Guard holster by Side Guard Holsters. Instead of spending a good amount of money on a holster I will never use again in 10 weeks, I bought a Blackhawk nylon IWB holster for $12. Surprisingly enough this holster really isn't too bad. It's more comfortable than "hybrid holsters" I bought for 5x as much money. It conceals pretty, I can sit down and drive without any problems, and it's easy to draw with. Now the cons... I wish it came with a metal clip instead of a plastic clip. The better metal clip would hold it in place better but for $12 I am not too sad. The other con is that once you unholster your weapon, the holster collapses on itself. If I have to draw my weapon on someone, then I am going to shoot them so I am not too upset with that either...again, especially for $12 holster. Let me finish by saying I hate IWB carry. I prefer OWB over IWB but if I had to carry IWB, then I don't mind using this cheap holster. For around $12, give it a shot. I also highly recommend using it while you wait for your custom holster to be shipped too.

(None of these are my pics)
[Image: IMG_1192.jpg]
[Image: Blackhawk%20ISP%20Holster.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I understand where you're coming from I waited 13 weeks for my Crossbreed supertuck. My supertuck makes concealing my Glock 17 comfortable. With my bodyguard 38 in a CT it is both invisible and comfortable. IMHO you get what you pay for. When I carry I like a more retention than my Blackhawk provided.

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This looks a lot like the first holster I tried out when I started carrying. I believe it was an Uncle Mikes. While it got the job done (for the most part) I never could get comfortable or develop any kind of trust that it was going to stay where I put it. Hopefully your experience will be different. One thing I have definitely learned is that no two people have the same holster experiences, and different body shapes can make a world of difference.

If you find yourself uncomfortable at all with that holster, Blade-Tech offers some reasonably affordable options with retention. I've never had a problem finding any of them on Amazon.
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