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Cheaper Than Dirt
I've seen a number of posts over the last half-dozen months touting the great deals at Cheaper Than Dirt, an online store. I just compared their prices to two other online stores and found then to be slightly lower in cost. I decided to give them a try since I had never done business with them.

Upon going to checkout I found that my $104.00 order was going to cost me $25.00 in shipping. You've got to be kidding!!! No ammo (heavy) in the order and all the items I had in it were mostly plastic. I sent them the following email.

My order was for a little over $25 with no ammo and nothing heavy. Why in the name of customer service are you charging 25% for shipping? No way I'd ever buy from your company if that is your typical shipping cost.

I suggest those of you who find them a great company check what you're paying for shipping and then run to Amazon and sign-up for Prime where you'll get free shipping as long as you're a member.

Twenty-five percent add-on for shipping is obscene!Angry
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I've only ordered from CTD a few times but if I remember correctly you can pick what warehouse it ships from. Maybe you're just choosing the wrong warehouse. I could be wrong, just offering some advice.
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Shipping is always the worst part of buying online... If it isn't ammo you're looking for, try ebay. search for the item you want, click buy it now, then sort lowest+shipping first. Ebay even has a cart so you don't have to buy everything one at a time...

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Cheaper than Dirt....well yes dirt is pretty expensive. Cheaper than the competition, not so much. Their regular prices are pretty obscene. Every once and a while you can find a good sale there. I picked up some Range Ts really cheap there once, and some Ruger scope rings that I could not find in stock anywhere else at the time.

They are widely regarded as one of the key players in the price hikes during the last election. A lot of people swear they will never do business with them again because of that.
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CTD has recently (in the past year or so) greatly increased their shipping costs. Probably a combination of higher fuel costs and the fact that they recently expanded and opened a retail store. Plus, I believe that they set their prices low and show a more realistic shipping costs whereas other places keep their prices a little higher and show a lower shipping rate.

Sales is a game of psychology where you're always trying to figure out what's going to close the sale.

It might be a good idea for people that are close to each other go in for group buys from CTD and spread the cost of shipping out. What I noticed is that they have a flat shipping rate of around $7.00 and any items added after that don't increase the price of shipping that much unless you're getting an item from a different warehouse. Get a bunch of people to go in together and spread the cost out.
I haven't bought from CTD in more than a year. has been getting my business.
CTD hasn't been cheap for quite a while now. They price gouged like crazy in the last presidential election. There are a lot of other places to buy with reasonable shipping and better pricing, just have to take time and surf the net.
Cheaper Than Dirt hasn't been cheaper than anyone for a very long time. Once in a while they have a deal, but it's so infrequent by my count that I don't bother with them.
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PisnNapalm;28459 Wrote:I haven't bought from CTD in more than a year. has been getting my business.

CTD offers the ammo I regularly purchase for a few dollars less than MidwayUSA after shipping is factored into the price for both.

I stopped ordering from CTD because of shipping prices too. If I know what I specifically want, then I typically use Ebay or Amazon because it usually is the cheapest. If I have a general idea what I want (e.g. a holster made out of specific materials to specific specifications), then I will go on a google rampage search looking for these products, and reading reviews from others who wanted the same thing I got and bought a product from a certain company then posted their review. Hell, I am currently doing this right now too.
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