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Chest freezers - how to you keep yours organized?
I've found suggested solutions from cardboard boxes to re-usable shopping bags to stacking plastic bins. Do YOU use any system, or just go rooting for stuff when you need it?
My solution was to get rid of mine and get an upright. Nothing we tried worked over the long term with multiple people digging through it.
I have a spot at the top for the most used items. Other than that, it's dig through it. Would like to get an upright at some point in time, it's just not high enough on the priority list currently.
I usually start on one side of the freezer and move to the other.. I personally start on the left side so I know the oldest items are there and try to use them up before moving to the next stack.....
Make sure you mark each package with what it is and the date..... makes it a lot easier to plan accordingly..

Good luck
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I don't organize my deep freezer it has meat don't need to organize that Tongue

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We have two uprights, much easier to use.
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No much to organize. Only two or three bodies fit in the average chest freezer.
RandomTask;94101 Wrote:No much to organize. Only two or three bodies fit in the average chest freezer.

You can fit more if you have a wood chipper.
When I saw this thread I immediately thought....UPRIGHT.

That is untill I did some quick research and found this site info:

Now leaning toward manual defrost/chest type - LARGE

Still more research needed.
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We have an upright....
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