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Chicago Man suing burbs for guns
This has a double fail...both ridiculous gun talk and ridiculous race talk. At least it probably won't amount to anything.

Quote:He and several co-plaintiffs are now suing the Villages of Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood. Each town is home to a gun store that Pfleger claims is lax with oversight for gun purchases.

He wants the villages to crack down and prevent “straw purchasing” -- buying weapons in bulk, then selling them into the black market at a profit.

“We’re not asking anybody to take away guns from [legal] gun owners,” Pfleger said.

The lawsuit argues that a disproportionate number of crime guns originate from the targeted villages.

However, the heart of the issue is gang violence. And the ATF says gang guns don’t necessarily come from the gun shops in Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood.

“The largest percentage of crime guns used by gang members are coming from Indiana,” Special Agent Thomas Ahern said.

The Village of Lyons – the only one of the municipalities that responded to a request from Fox News for comment – said in response to the suit that Chicago officials, with whom Pfleger works closely, are trying to pass the blame to outside communities for shortcomings dealing with crime.

The suit also makes a civil rights argument along racial lines.

It reads: “The victims of these crimes in which the guns from these stores are used are overwhelmingly African American.
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I guess the term "black market" means something different out there.
Can they sue his municipality for allowing him to sue?
There is irony in this matter, but first I'll point out that Father "Snuffy" Pfleger wants us dead because we support the Second Amendment. Some members at Illinois Carry attended a rally at Chuck's Gun Shop in 2014 where said this. Therefore, he is to be forever referred to as "Snuffy".

Now, for the irony. Who does the article identify as Corporate Counsel (city attorney) for the towns being sued? Steve Elrod. This is important to understand. Steve Elrod is also Corporate Counsel for Highland Park, the same Highland Park that won a federal lawsuit in CA7 over their AWB. I sat in city council meetings where he twisted Heller and pushed the City Council and Mayor to vote for the Chicago-based AWB. Now he has to sit on the opposite side of the aisle. I bet those towns lose the lawsuit because he has an agenda, and it's deeply ingrained with Chicago and the state capital in Springfield.

(07-18-2015, 09:28 AM)rmagill Wrote: Can they sue his municipality for allowing him to sue?
Here's an even bigger question: Is Father "Snuffy" Pfleger violating his IRS tax exemption status for a religious organization bring involved in politics?

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