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Surprised I hadnt seen this on here yet.

Tuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” former police chief Mark Kessler made one of the most shocking revelations Alan had ever heard, and Kessler said he was exposing it for the first time anywhere.

Kessler, who infamously made online videos insulting liberals and firing his gun, claimed that the federal government put him up to making the videos in order to attract “the worst of the worst” and said the videos even led to arrests of “lone wolf” terrorists. Read some of it below and see if you believe him!

KESSLER: I signed up with those agencies, several different agencies and began an operation where I was just a magnet. I was sent out there to attract the worst of the worst and frankly it worked.
COLMES: You were sent out by whom?
KESSLER: I was sent out for, well I can’t really say exactly who but, I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate, whatever I can do to find out who’s who and what’s what among these groups. When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups.
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

This government is such an embarrassment.

JJ ustin
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He later rescinded that and said he did it to punk Colmes.
My statement stands on its own.
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streaker69;157877 Wrote:He later rescinded that and said he did it to punk Colmes.

Where did you see this? I can't find anything about it...

Back when Kessler started becoming known, I spoke to him on a fairly regular basis. I was kinda impressed by his 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance that he wrote and got passed in his township. Albeit small, it made nationwide news. He was a very down-to-earth and polite guy. I offered him contact info for several alternative media sites and even spoke to some cops in my area about pushing to adopt his ordinance.

Then he changed... REAL QUICK. After he released his first "fuck the libtards" video something happened. He went from this polite, easy going guy to a raging monster. Soon after that I learned that apparently this was his way of doing things in real life (not to mention drunkenly shooting himself in a bar fight the year before). His public persona was total bullshit. An acquaintance of mine (we'll call him Andrew) in the Hanover area decided to turn his militia group into a branch of Kessler's CSF (Constitutional Security Force). Shortly after the details were hashed, Andrew started an internet radio show to help promote their ideas and direct attention to the CSF.

Jump forward about 2 months... Kessler starts becoming a Mossad fanboy and flying Israeli flags at his meetings. His interactions with a preacher by the name of George Cook seemed to have quickly leaned him in some odd directions. Andrew made mention of this on his radio show and gave his opinion on the whole situation. He stated that he felt this type of influence took away from the issue at hand and that he felt the CSF was turning into a personal money making machine. Kessler went absolutely ape shit. He started calling into liberty-based radio shows and telling them that Andrew was a child rapist and that he tried to rape his daughter. Kessler made a huge 2 week long attempt at destroying Andrew's influence over the militia community. Basically it worked... over half of the Hanover group left Andrew's group and went directly to the CSF itself.

That was one of the behind-the-scenes instances that I know of personally... and I can tell you, there's many more. It became a daily thing to see a post online talking about an interaction with Kessler that had gone wrong. Hell, even the preacher wasn't safe... a few months after Kessler really lost it, he started calling this preacher all kinds of crazy names like "Pastor Ass Master" and even had shirts printed up. Something had gone wrong between them (as did with most of his interactions) and he decided to make himself look like an absolute asshole to show how much power he had over his crew. It was apparent that liberty, 2nd amendment issues, and protecting rights were no longer his focus. He became a money hungry war monger. To find out that he was turned by feds doesn't surprise me one bit.
Interesting post on Kessler's Facebook page... apparently he's trying to backpedal.

NOTE: This post was taken down after I posted it here. The link no longer works, but the full text is below.

Quote:First off I didn't spy on gun owners ! Second I was approved by a lunatic that told me while I was in full uniform they were going to kill cops ! That information was passed to appropriate law enfircement ! I protected way more people than I arrested while s police officer ! I used police discretion while a police officer probably more than I should have ! I gave people rides not DUIs ! I didn't snd don't believe on destroying ones life over a couple beers or an argument with a loved one ! I was an outstanding police officer ! I went above and beyond to protect and serve! If some insane loon was going to tell me they were going to kill police officers you can bet your ass I was passing that information on immediately ! I reached out to James Yeager about his video I can say he's not even close ! I also offered him a interview !!! Which I haven't heard back from him ! James is one of the few I will give an interview to ! I respect him for the most part but passing judgment on myself without the facts is bs ! No one knows exactly who much my family and I suffered for everyone's constitutionsl rights ! And thats a fact! I'm appalled that so called patriots have treated me and my family like parasite ! I didn't spy on gun owners ! I didn't spy on patriots ! I did more for REAL PATRIOTS ! For real pro gun people nation wide that the entier history of the NRA ! And that's a fact ! I drafted and pushed to get passed the first of its kind anywhere in the nation the second amendment preservation resolution nullifying all gun contro laws ! Causing a national movement where states , boroughs, towns, ect followed my lead! Not the NRA, not anyone else ! And when I said I would take my uniform off and stand with freedom I did just that ! What I won't be apart of are groups of peopkr or persons seeking to commit acts of terror casing lose of innocent life ! We're not savages ! We are s civilized nation ! Living in a civilized society ! My videos did more good for the protection of innocent lives that the entier government of the United states in two years! I'm not perfect I don't know anyone who is ! I sacrificed my career , my income , job security , almost my family got mine and your second amendment rights! Mine and your constitutional rights ! And so called patriots condem me for bring information to appropriate authorities about persons seeking to kill cops!!!! Really !!!! I dare anyone to walk a mile in my shoes ! I don't support Obama , holder, or their administration or anyone that supports them and their agenda! And that's a fact !!! I protected innocent lives from lunatics ! Unfortunately thepatriotvmovement has been infiltrated by deranged lunatics seeking to commit atrocities for example the two in Nevada that went to buddy ranch then went on a killing spree in the the name of patriotism ! If that's what patriots are aboutthen I want no part of that ! Their are way more good patriots put their then bad ones and it's good patriots responsibility to protect each other from bad ones ! Like the cop killer in pa that was a militia member , a patriot member , then went on s killing spree in the name of patriotism ! Is that who we are ??? Is that who you are ? Is that what patriotism is about ? If it is or if you are you're not a patriot you're a terrorist ! If you support the killing of police or innocent lives in the name o patriotism you're not one ! You are terrorist ! These small groups of radical terrorists have infiltrated the real patriot movement and are damaging real patriots and their efforts ! I did what any real patriot would do ! Protect the innocent ! Call me what you want I'm an American patriot and that's s fact!
Whoa who let the crazy out.

All of this is precisely why I do not align myself with any of these 2A militia groups.
The law? The law is a human institution...
csmith;157930 Wrote:Whoa who let the crazy out.

All of this is precisely why I do not align myself with any of these 2A militia groups.

You never know who you're working with anymore.
LMAO!!! I always knew he was a raging douchetard. Then again, a lot of self proclaimed "2A activists" turn out to be, in my experience. One of the guys who founded LVOC, Kim Stolfer, Daryl Metcalfe....
Unbanned since September 2012.
Fill me in on Kim Stolfer being a raging douchetard.

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