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Chris Kyle, SEAL sniper, murdered
Being that we live in a country that is a Representative Republic and the direction that the nation takes is based on the participation by its citizens in elections, communication with their elected officials, and activities and membership in organizations at the local, state, and national level, it is incumbent on said citizens to be actively involved. The elected officials react to inputs from all of the above mentioned items by setting policy, enacting laws and creating or modifying regulations and directives the guides the nation forward. The military responds to what the elected officials direct them to do based on what the voting public demands.

So, the military is going where the elected officials direct them to go and does what the elected officials tell them to do based on what the voting public lets or directs the elected officials to do on their behalf. If the voting public is inactive and or apathetic, the elected officials are pretty much given free rein to do what they want. In essence, it is the voting public that is responsible for what the military does or doesn’t do. If you don’t like what the military is doing or where they are going, what are you as the voting citizen doing to change it? Sitting back and armchair quarterbacking won’t change a thing.

The people who join the military do it for various reasons but a portion of it is that they wish to serve and defend their country. Calling them murders or sadly misguided because you don’t like what the military or government is doing is misdirected. In the end, those who are saying such things are just as responsible for what the military and government is or isn’t doing as the people they are bashing if not more so. Because of the nature of their position, military members are limited in what they can and can’t do or say concerning government policy. They are dependent on the population to keep tabs on their elected officials and correct or redirect them as needed. At least military personnel are doing something and if it wasn’t for those people, the bashers wouldn’t be able to say the things about the military and the government that they do. In many other nations, dissenters would be imprisoned or summarily executed for saying such things. Just because a person may not be interested in politics doesn’t mean politics isn’t very interested in them.

Isn't it time to be less worried about what the inflation pressure is in the Patriot's footballs, what is going on in Survivor and the Bachelor, or what your favorite celebrity is doing or wearing and be more worried about what the people you voted into office are doing? Just a thought...
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Quote:Lawyer: 'American Sniper' called accused man 'straight-up nuts' in text
"About an hour and a half into the drive, Chris Kyle was sitting in the driver's seat and he texts Chad Littlefield sitting right next to him. He texts, 'This dude is straight-up nuts,'" Moore said. "Chad Littlefield texts Chris Kyle back, 'He's right behind me, watch my six [military lingo for 'watch my back.']. So while we don't know what the conversation was, we do know what Chris Kyle was thinking at the time he was in that truck."

A stark reminder to we range officers and instructors that part of the job is to assess the mental state of those whom we serve and to act accordingly for the safety of everyone.

I can't help but wonder what it was that got between Kyle and Littlefield and the decision they probably ought to have made to take Eddie Ray Routh to do something else that day. Was it a guy thing, where neither one was willing to say "Dude, this doesn't feel right. Let's abort this mission and get a beer?"

How easy would it have been to have been the wimpy one, feigned a migraine, and lived to shoot another day? Or to have faked a call ahead, with "Just wanted to let you know we're on our way...What?...Oh, man, that's too bad...Sorry to hear that...So there's no chance?...I understand...Wish we'd known earlier."

"Sorry, man. They had a problem down on the range, and had to close down for the day. How about we go put our stuff away and go grab a burger and a beer or three?"

I remember flying right-seat on a first ride with a much less experienced pilot, who also happened to be my boss. With his nervous nelly wife in the back seat no less. We were on approach to Princeton, and he was just way too high and hot. I sat there, biding my time, until it was obvious that he had very little chance of salvaging a landing on the first half of the runway. I quietly said "You know, I wouldn't think any less of you if you decided to go around." Barely had the last syllable out of my mouth before he fed in power, cleaned up the airplane, established a positive rate of climb and said "going around" on the radio.

His internal dialog was more worried about what I'd think, what she'd think, if he didn't nail the first approach. He was probably having trouble in the first place because he was trying too hard. All he needed was for one person to say "It's okay to do what you know and I know damned well you should have done a few seconds ago."

I could have sat there and let a really bad landing happen. We probably would have survived and not bent the airplane.

It usually works to go with your gut and trust your assessment of other people.
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Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one. So, here's mine. As for the comments towards people in the military, I don't think everyone who signed on the dotted line is a hero. The military is a paying job with benefits just like any other job (well, almost). I only bad mouth the ones who didn't do anything special and spout off how they defended this country and should get all of these benefits even though they volunteered for the job and got paid.

As for the comments about no one fighting for our rights or freedom since the Revolutionary War, totally false. Our rights, freedom, and way of life were attacked on 9/11 (and various other times that people have forgotten). What else do you need? A full-blown invasion from China? ISIS supporters are already in the country. Just because we aren't being invaded by a uniformed army doesn't mean our rights and freedom aren't being attacked. To me, any effort to get rid of such scum is considered defending our country.

Chris Kyle's book, although poorly written, did describe what kind of a person he was. Arrogant? Absolutely. But someone who did good for his fellow servicemen during and after his tours? Definitely. He deserves all of the honor he can get.
"There is no hunting like the hunting of man. And those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter."
-Ernest Hemingway

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