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Christmas Firearms-Related Gifts Thread
Post which firearm-related (firearms, mags, ammo, weapon-mounted lights, holsters, etc.) gifts that either you gave to someone or someone gave to you during this holiday season. Presents to yourself don't count, unless you picked it out for a family member/friend to give to you as a present. Tongue
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My mom (who isn't a gun lover) totally shocked me by basically funding my entire deer rifle purchase! Woo! I'll be ordering my Thompson Center Venture in .308 shortly...

My older brother bought me a brick of .22LR for the M&P plinker that I shoot with my kids.
My wife wanted to get me a gun for Christmas. I did not want to spend the money on a gun. (I don't know what's wrong with me eitherSmile ) So we compromised, she wound up getting me a .45 Highpoint. I figure if I like it, great, If not, it wasn't a lot of money, I can always sell it and get a different gun later. I picked it up from the FFL about a week and a 1/2 ago, gave it to her to regive to me tomorrow. Picked up some ammo before the current run on supplies. Will be taking it out shooting on Saturday.
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My wife got me a 12 gauge pump last Christmas. This year, shooting gloves and a bunch of other stuff the kids won't tell me Smile
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my parents got me this sweet rifle case.

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I am wrapping a vortex strikefire for my little brother.
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My Dad got me a Bushnell laser range finder.
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