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church raffles AR15, libs freak out, church responds with a 2nd AR raffle
Quote:Church Responds to Anti-Gun Critics … By Giving Away Another Modified AR-15

A small church in upstate New York has responded to anti-Second Amendment critics by deciding to give away a second modified AR-15.

Grace Baptist Church in Lansingburgh created quite a firestorm of controversy last month, announcing that at a pro-Second Amendment rally they would raffle off a modified AR-15.

Yesterday, Reverend John Koletas and his church raffled off the modified AR-15. The rifle has been modified to be in compliance with New York’s SAFE Act, and the winner will be subject to a rigorous FBI background check and must meet all state and federal laws before he can claim his prize.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Good for them. If I lived up there I would make it a point to attend services there a couple of times for moral support. Though it really doesn't look like they're in need of it. Big Grin
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That's awesome. I love rubbing antis noses in it.

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Quote: Well, Grace Baptist was supposed to give away a NYS-compliant M&P15 to a law abiding person this weekend.
But due to some criticism, false reporting in the press, threats and a handful of complaints they’ve decided to not go through with the give away as planned.

…now they’re giving away two.

This! This is what I've been telling my friends for years. When confronted with the nonsense of the modern statists do what they do. Don't back down... double down. We all know they cannot give logical arguments for their positions or be truthful about what they truly want to see implemented because they know the average American would reject it. Never back down to a bully, be bold and have the courage of your convictions and people will respond to it. On top of that this sort of thing usually sends the left into orbit and they will usually hang themselves by doing or saying something utterly ridiculous.

I know nothing about this church or their doctrine but I applaud the fact that they are unapologetic about their position. I will be looking forward to the follow up story.
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